LottoMetrix Overview: We’re Getting Even Better!

Aiming to boost the services that we offer, our team is excited in bringing you the enhanced features of Lottometrix.

It’s been quite a time since we started Lottometrix and looking back, it’s really been a rewarding ride. With the positive feedback from players who rely on us for their lottery combinations, there is no reason to stop improving to help our members get that million dollar goal.

Where We Began

Everything about Lottometrix started with a common question that lottery players around the world keep asking, “Is there an easy way of hitting those combinations?” And the next question could be, “Have you found the answer to your question?” When we started Lottometrix, all we have are never ending formulas, patterns, probabilities, and everything numerical in a sense. But when results came, it made us realize that we might have found not just the answer, but also, a better way of playing the lottery overall.

Where We Are Right Now

We are constantly monitoring the winning lottery combinations over the past few months and the results are impressive. In just 8 months since we launched our Number Generator in Lottometrix version 2, Lottometrix has produced more than 200+ confirmed EXACT WINNING JACKPOT MATCHES that could’ve made our members instant millionaires.

Also, we have generated 13,000+ lines of winning records for the lower division prizes, or those who missed just 1 number. With these increasing numbers, we expect more members hitting the lottery jackpot just by playing with the combinations generated by Lottometrix.

How We Made It Better

To further improve our services, Lottometrix added the “auto notification” feature to automatically alert our members whenever there are winning matches. This is a reminder for the members to check if they played with the numbers and bought official tickets for the draw.

We also introduced a new Section inside each member’s Lottometrix account that shows their winning matches for the past and current drawings. With this, we highly advise all members to regularly log-in to their accounts and monitor if they have exact matches to avoid missing any possible winnings.

Note that Lottometrix is a FREE website so members can access their accounts anytime.

Our Limitations

It is important for members to understand that Lottometrix does not sell or buy lotto tickets. It is the member’s responsibility to purchase tickets from the nearby lotto station or favorite online lotto services.

Please do not claim cash winnings from Lottometrix. We only recommend numbers and that’s it. As a rule of thumb in any game: you’ve got to be in it to win it.

How This Became Possible

Lottometrix has been able to provide FREE services because of the sponsorship by Overseas Subscribers Agents. OSA supports Lottometrix and the investment in getting winning solutions. For the record, Overseas Subscribers Agents has already generated thousands of lottery winners with combined prize payouts amounting to over $50 Million, including a lone jackpot winner from Switzerland who won £16.6 Million in the U.K. National Lottery.

Overseas Subscribers Agents is the pioneer in the business that has been entering global players into the grandest overseas Government lotteries since 1988.

Take Full Advantage of This

As we only recommend number combinations, our members can buy tickets anywhere they want to. But in terms of availability, security, and convenience, we highly recommend playing the lottery through Overseas Subscribers Agents.

Regardless of nationality and location, OSA gives a fair chance for players to enter big international lotteries right at their fingertips.

Also, OSA offers the most exciting lottery available in the world today which is the Billionaire Series. By playing in a group of 10 or 30 shares, players can play seven of the world’s biggest lotteries: EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Japan Jumbo, USA MegaMillions, USA Powerball, OZ Lotto and EuroJackpot with better chances of winning at a fraction of a cost.

Once you enter a lottery through Overseas Subscribers Agents, their professional agents will carefully monitor each draw for you to ensure that no winnings will be missed and all prizes due will be sent to the winner conveniently.

The Lottometrix’ Formula

Other websites are now trying to reach us to know our formulations that made Lottometrix successful in predicting the lottery. Though it sounds great, it’s a BIG misconception. Lottometrix does not predict the lottery and no one can ever do that.

Lottometrix uses a proprietary system to produce number combinations. This is the main reason why a fixed list of numbers and not a dynamic list are generated for the next draw. Using the same list over and over is better because if you are patiently using the same “good” list, something sure is going to happen down the road.

Recommending a dynamic list based on the previous draws has no basis because the lottery itself is a random game. There are two types of probability, one is dependent and the other is the independent probability. Each draw in the lottery is classified under independent probability theory.  In a layman’s term, the historical results of the lottery have no direct effect on the next draw. This is why you will notice some numbers appear in three or four consecutive draws and it’s not surprising at all. Our method is focused on the BEST combination patterns, not on individual numbers.

In the end, the lottery is still a random game. It is still “patience” and “persistence” for playing the lottery that matters. If you have any question, simply log-in to your Lottometrix account and go to the “Help Section”. You can also email Jerry and he’ll be delighted to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Lottometrix Version 2 Is Finally Here

We have spent the past four months working very hard on some major improvements to Lottometrix. Now, Lottometrix generates numbers for you and offers more exciting features which we will explain later.

We would like to thank everyone for your input and for engaging with Lottometrix project.

We are indeed very happy that the involvement of members is so high that push this new and improved version to see the light of day.

Amazingly, the appreciation for our works with version 1 is overwhelming.

You guys are awesome.

Of course, we always wish success for everyone. Your success is Lottometrix success.

Now that Lottometrix has been made more powerful, you don’t have any reason of losing hope.

After all Lottometrix is a free service. Go out and put Lottometrix to the test.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it.

What’s new with version 2?

Aside from the number generator, we also added some more features we thought are cool.

Perhaps, one of the things that you may like and one that will give you reason to always log inside the members area is the PLAY SIGNAL that Lottometrix now provides for your numbers.

This PLAY SIGNAL is a life saver…

For those of you who are already members for couple of months ago now, you already know that the biggest mistake that lottery players make is the wrong choice of numbers.

How did people fall into that mistake?

Well, majority of players generate numbers based on bad patterns.

Therefore, if numbers are based on bad pattern, whatever number you pick is always wrong. As simple as that.

However, even with the right patterns, players will have the tendency to select numbers that don’t conform to the random nature of the lottery.

Understanding the random nature of lottery is very crucial.

Our study shows that nonconformity with its randomness is equal to bad timing.

Bad timing is not only a waste of time…

…but also a waste of… you guess… money.

If you’re like all other folks picking numbers at random without analyzing your numbers, then it’s like someone holding a bat trying to hit the pot blindfolded.

Good thing though, Lottometrix is here to help.

You don’t need a calculator. Everything is computed already.

With Lottometrix version 2 we provide not only the patterns, but also the specific numbers to play.

And we not only provide the numbers, but also provide the PLAY SIGNAL so that when you play the lottery, you know it’s always proper timing and not wasting money.

We want you to win!

And as always, we make sure we sprinkle some good trick or two in between.

When you log inside the member’s area, you will find couple of things that will help you get inch closer to the jackpot.

Please enjoy the new and improved Lottometrix.

Here’s to beating the odds!

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Lottery Players Make And The Necessary Steps To Win The Lottery

Now that you know how the math can help you bag a lottery jackpot, let’s go further and see what else is stopping you from winning. After you apply the mathematical knowledge that Lottometrix has provided, make sure to follow-through with the following advice included below.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

NOTE: This article requires that you have clear understanding of How To Win The Lottery According To Math first. The said article explains the 2 math formulas that will help you win the lottery. Please read the article first before you proceed with the next paragraph.

The main reason why you’re not winning the lottery is not mainly because you are unlucky.  Truth be told, there are several reasons why you’re not winning. One of them is because you’re not playing with the right strategy.  The following are some but the biggest of them:

  1. Not Counting The Odds and The Evens

Why it hurts your chances:  You would not know if your numbers belong to the lowest probabilities.  All lotteries behave in a definite trend.  When it comes to combinations of odd and even patterns, knowing which patterns appear more and which appear less will be helpful.  Many people just get their ticket then mark numbers randomly while not being fully aware that the number of odd and even numbers in a combination counts.

How to fix it:  Log into the Lottometrix members area and choose the best pattern, then pick your numbers based on that pattern but make sure to pick a balanced mix of odd and even numbers

In our study, you should avoid combinations that contain either all even or all odds.  The tables below will show you why.

Lottery: Australian Lottery

Game format: 6 / 45 game format

How to Win the Lottery: An Odd/Even Pattern Guide for the Australian Lotto

As you can see from the table above, the 3 odd and 3 even patterns have the highest probabilities.  In layman’s term, this pattern is more likely to get drawn than others. Specifically, in every 100 draws, the pattern will appear 33 times. On the contrary, the worst pattern would appear as less as 1 time(s) in 100 draws. In particular, I’m talking about the all odd number combination. The worst patterns are the ones which houses combinations containing all even numbers because it hardly appeared once in every 100 draws.

We have tested and compared the probability analysis with the actual lottery results and you will be surprised by how close the estimated value matches with the actual occurrence of a pattern.  This goes to show that probability analysis is an effective tool in predicting the behavior of a lottery with utmost accuracy.

How to Win the Lottery: The Odd/Even Patterns' Empirical Proof for the Australian Lotto

From the actual 2,158 draws of the Australian Lottery from June 2, 1990 to May 28, 2016, you will see the estimated appearances of the patterns closely matching with that of the actual occurrences.

The 3 odds & 3 evens pattern is estimated to appear 722 times because 33% of 2158 is 722.597466.  In the actual Australian draws it appeared 706 times.  Extremely close, especially for a total number of draws which exceed 500.  As we have discussed earlier in the Law of Large Numbers, estimated value need not be the same with the actual value, only approximately the same.

Next row, the 4 odds & 2 evens are estimated to appear 541 times because 25% of 2158 is 541.948099.  The actual Australian Lotto results show that actual appearances matches extremely close with our estimation at 545. That’s 4 appearances short of our estimation. Amazing, right?

On the third row, the 2 odds and 4 evens are estimated to appear 490 times in 2158 draws.  This is because 22.7% of 2158 is 490.333995.  In the actual Australian lottery draws, this pattern occurs 499 times.

If we follow-through on the rest of the patterns and compare the estimated occurrence against the actual draws, you will see that each of the values will always match closely.

This is the Law of Large Numbers in action.

The computations of Odd and Even Patterns for other lotteries such as the Powerball, Mega Millions, or Euro Millions are found inside the Lottometrix Members Area.

  1. Not Minding The Mixtures Of Low And High Numbers

Why it hurts your chances: As we have mentioned earlier, the lottery behaves in a certain trend.  If you trace all the patterns that appear in all lotteries, you will see that some patterns appear repetitively, while some patterns seem like they were literally forbidden to appear by a greater power.  In a sufficiently large sample of data, you will see that the difference between the best patterns and the worst patterns are so huge that you will regret not being aware of it in the first place.  In lotteries, the patterns that deal with low and high numbers really do count.

How to fix it: Inside the Lottometrix Members Area, you will find that lottery patterns are divided between 3 groups: the “Best”, the “Fair” and the “Worst” patterns.  In order to play the lottery so that you get the best combinations of low and high numbers, our team recommends that you select the “best” patterns and some patterns from the “fair” group and pick your numbers based on those patterns you selected.

  1. Playing The Lottery With One Game

Why it hurts your chances:  Simply put, you are not improving your probability.  The idea is simple, the more you play, the more chances of winning.  For example, when you play 10 games, you are improving your probability of winning by 10x.

How to fix it:  Play multiple lines or play with a syndicate.

If you play multiple games on your own the expenses will be too expensive to shoulder. This is why forming or joining a syndicate is highly recommended.

You can choose to play by syndicate.

A syndicate formed by British professors and tutors systematically bet on the lottery by using mathematical probabilities to scoop the jackpot and played multiple lines in ever draw. They won £5,299,849.

These professors know that the way to beat the odds is to increase the number of games they play.

However, the problems with syndicates are…. aside from sharing… is the difficulty in finding a group that is willing to play.  It’s either you form a group or find a group.  Either of the two is not an easy task.

But lo and behold, Lottometrix has a better solution for you.

Inside the Members Area, we have something better than joining your traditional syndicate.

  1. Using Special Dates In Your Life

Why it hurts your chances:  Because you are not choosing your number using the patterns that the lottery favors the most.

How to fix it: The best way to do this is to log inside the Lottometrix Members Area and select your patterns and pick your numbers from those patterns.  That will give you the best chances of winning the lottery.

Just abandon the calendar date strategy and the reasons I will explain mathematically in a different article.  For now, I recommend to never rely on birth dates, anniversaries, or any memorable dates in your life.

  1. Being Artistic In Combining Numbers

Why it hurts your chances: Because lottery is still a random game even though the lottery can be predicted to an extent.  Our mathematical calculations allow us to determine the patterns that appear the most in any lottery.  However, it is not the same case when it comes to individual numbers.

So when you choose numbers, such as:

2,4,6,8,10,12 – all numbers in the multiples of 2

2,12,22,32,42 – all numbers ending in number 2

5,10,15,20,25,30 – all numbers in multiples of 5

1,2,3,4,5,6 – all numbers increment by 1

The numbers above are unlikely to appear in any lottery draw because lottery knows no beauty when it comes to drawing numbers.  It doesn’t appreciate arts.

How to fix it:  When you mark numbers on the card, do not select numbers in straight line or following any patterns such as diagonal directions, following patterns such as all numbers in the corners.

Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of consulting to the tables inside the Lottometrix members area.  When you log in, all the best patterns as well as patterns from the fair group will be available. All you need to do is pick your combinations using the patterns. You don’t need to look around and compute.  You just select the pattern you like and generate your numbers from that pattern.

  1. Picking The Hot Numbers

Why it hurts your chances:  Because it impedes your ability to generate numbers based on the best patterns.  A complete discussion of this study is in this article: Why Hot Lotto Numbers Never Work.

How to fix it: Just abandon hot numbers.  The mathematical approach which is better than hot lotto numbers is to use full coverage of the number fields available in the lottery.  This will require to play multiple games though.

For example, in a 5/48 game lottery, we first select the pattern on which we want to work on.  Then on the second line we choose the numbers that belong to the colors indicated above.  Then on the third row, we simply increment the number by 1 until we reach the 48 then we go back to 1 again.

The resulting list of numbers will look like the one below:

How to win the Lottery: This table shows the players' guide to choosing the correct numbers according to pattern selection

As you can notice, you will have to cover all the number fields in your combinations.  This will require you to play as many lines as you can afford in order to cover all the number fields.

This example of number generation is very basic.  The powerful approach which you need to apply in popular lotteries is inside the Lottometrix Members Area.

  1. Giving Up Too Easily

Why it hurts your chances: Nothing describes it better than the words of Vince Lombardi – “Winners never quit and quitters never win”.

Abraham was defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854, then defeated for nomination for vice president in 1856, and again defeated for U.S. Senate for the second time in 1858 but he continue to be active in politics until he elected president in 1860. Life is all about moving on.  From the words of Lincoln himself, “What matters most is not how many times you fail, but that you never stop trying.”

How to fix it:

Step 1. Play the lottery with the right mindset.  If you play the lottery like it’s a serious business you will understand that getting down to business seriously is not an easy task. You have to work hard to earn big profit.  You have to be a serious player but without breaking the bank.  Remember that frustration will follow you everywhere. But your determination should always overcome frustrations. This is what you need in order to fuel your playing.

Step 2.  Play the lottery with the right attitude.  If you play thinking you won’t win, how can you expect the universe the give you that winning luck.  You’ve got to start thinking differently and believe that you will win.  One day, you will see, it’s harvest time.

Step 3. Play with your heart. Remember, this is your dream. You’re about to materialize it. But where do you start? Simple, the Law of Attraction. Use it to manifest what it is you so desire. In this case, the jackpot. Visualize it, write it down, and live it like it has already happened and it will. Don’t forget, a $112m Mega Millions winner, Cynthia Stafford, used this technique to win the lottery. You can too, but with the right numbers.

It’s not easy to imagine and imagine specially when you haven’t touched your money physically.  So the easiest way to have a proper attitude of winning is to prepare.  For example, make a list of the places you will visit when you win the lottery.  Make a list of financial experts you will contact in case you win the lottery.  Read articles about business opportunities and put them in your idea list so they are ready when your moment comes.  Make a list of charity institutions where you will give donations.  Make a list of people you will help in case. And obviously, write down the amount of money you will win, and the specific lottery you will win it from. Make it come to life and welcome it. Welcome it and it will come through your doors.

When you do the above tasks, it will be easy for you to manifest that winning attitude like it was in your nature all along.

  1. Relying On Lucky Numbers

Why it hurts your chances:  Simply put, it’s groundless.  Morever, if you rely on lucky numbers and it continues to prove its effectiveness unsatisfactorily, you will lose your interest in playing the lottery over time.

How to fix it: Start embracing the strategies based on a scientific system.  At Lottometrix, we believe that probability analysis is the only scientific approach available for each and every lottery player.

We have shown you proof and mathematically proven that probability analysis is a great tool to almost accurately identify winning patterns.

If that will not convince you, I do not know what will.

  1. Waiting For Big Jackpots

Why it hurts your chances: Big jackpots attract players.  As a result, if ever you win the jackpot, it’s likely you will share your winnings with other jackpot winners.  There’s a huge chance that several players will pick the same set of numbers. Thus, your chances of sharing the prize becomes more likely.

How to fix it: Play regularly and never play according to the jackpot.  The more frequent you play, the more chances you get to hit the jackpot.  Think about it.  Which one will give you more probability of winning the lottery? Playing for one draw or playing for 100? I think you know the answer.

From above, we have recommended to play with multiple games.  If you have to play regularly, this will mean serious budgeting for you.  This is where being systematic comes into play.  Planning is very important.  Set a specific budget that you can afford to spend on a specific number of games. Then set a specific number of times you can play per week.

If you can afford to play 2x a week without breaking the bank then do it.  If you can afford to play only once a week, then once a week it is.  As long as there is regularity in your playing approach, you will be fine.  Never reduce the number of games you play in order to play 2x a week.  Remember, one of the key to winning is to play multiple games per draw.  If budget is a concern, it is ok to skip the week, save your money until you are ready to play that number of games.  The important thing is, you keep playing.

  1. Playing Blindly

Why it hurts your chances: Fishermen have a saying “Go where the fish are”.  If you are fishing blindly, how do you know where to cast your line? In lotteries, we already know as we have proven mathematically from above that some patterns appear more frequently, some patterns appear less frequently and there are some patterns that will never appear in 100,000 draws.  If you’re playing the lottery without knowing what patterns your selected numbers belong to, it’s like playing the lottery blindly.

How to fix it: Log inside Lottometrix Members Area and choose the best pattern and select your numbers based on that pattern.  It really is as simple as that.

The Lottery by nature is still random.  However, the lottery follows certain patterns that may give you the clue on how to play the lottery. This can save you lots of money aside from increasing your winning chances in the shortest possible time.

Once you’re ready to start playing the lottery to win, then you need to start arming yourself with the right strategies. Remember, play with the right numbers. Check out the list of the best, the recommended, and the worst lottery patterns by Signing Up to Lottometrix.

Now that you know how to win the lottery according to math, today marks a turning point in your life. Take that Jackpot home…sign up to Lottometrix today!

What Are the Most Common Lottery Numbers?

Lots of lottery players tend to play using birthdates, number groups, hot numbers, and special numbers. However, most common lottery numbers might not be the best way to win the lottery. Sure, luck may play a big part in winning, but taking home the jackpot takes more than just plain luck.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Millions of people play the lottery around the globe. Due to the staggering number of players, a combination is likely to be chosen more than once by several players.

Why? The reason is that players tend to think alike when choosing their numbers.

The Most Common Lottery Numbers

1 to 31

Combinations formed from numbers 1 to 31 are used by a staggering majority of lottery players. Why? Players often use birthdates and significant dates to play the lottery.

Your significant other might think it sweet that you’re using their birthdate to play the lottery, but take note that there are other numbers in the pool. One of the main reasons why this is a bad idea stems from the fact that you’re limiting your own chances of winning. Take note that the lottery draws its winning numbers randomly. High numbers get picked too.

Consecutive Numbers

Players think they’re being smart when they choose a combination formed by consecutive numbers. I mean, why not? Right? Never in history has there ever been a draw that drew six consecutive numbers. But it’s gotta happen some time, right? So why not be smart and start playing consecutive numbers now?

Big mistake though. Probability states that consecutive numbers are one of the least likeliest combinations to ever appear in a draw. Moreover, you might think you’re being unique by playing with consecutive numbers, but you’re not. Statistics show that 10,000 people play the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 in every draw.

Sure, it might get drawn, but you’re definitely not going to take the jackpot home alone.

Hot Numbers

In several studies performed by the Lottometrix team, statistics and probability show that hot numbers will never work even if you follow that trend for 5000 draws. You can believe in hot numbers all you want, but the fact of the matter is, the lottery will always draw combinations randomly.

Plus, from the name itself, hot numbers are hot and popular. Meaning, other players will tend to depend on combinations formed from hot numbers as well. Like with all common lottery numbers or combinations, you taking the jackpot home alone by using hot numbers is looking quite steep.

Number Multiples

Like any other common lottery numbers or lottery combinations, number multiples do not, at all, increase your chances of winning the lottery. You’re also not the only one thinking of playing in multiples of 2, 5, 10, or whatever. So don’t expect to win the jackpot alone if you decide to form your combinations using this method.

Lucky Numbers

How do you normally pick your lucky numbers? Most people would choose numbers like 7, 3, or 8. Sometimes, it’s an automatic reaction. You see Lucky Number 7 and you know you just have to include it in your combination.

Bad news though, lucky numbers don’t have anything to do with increasing your chances. Technically, it doesn’t decrease your chances of winning either. But wouldn’t you rather play with a combination you know is more likely to appear in a lottery draw? Lottometrix is here to guide you with that.

So, if you’ve been using the above numbers in order to win the lottery, then I suggest you start over with a fresh strategy. A strategy that involves pure mathematics.

It’s time for you to actually start winning the lottery, Sign Up to Lottometrix now and see which lottery combinations are more likely to get drawn than others.

Stop relying on hot numbers, lucky numbers, and birthdates — rethink your strategy.

Join Lottometrix today.

To Play Every Draw or To Skip Some Draws To Play More Lines

Which is more cost-effective? To play every draw or to play more lines occasionally? Our expertise says multiple lines increases your odds much more, but what exactly makes playing every draw less of an option? Find out here.

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery is by playing more lines as you can afford.

In occasions where the Jackpot is so high, you may be tempted to play for every draw, but playing for each draw with just one line is no better than playing one line occasionally. However, by playing as many lines as you can afford for an occasional draw, you’re giving yourself more chances of winning one jackpot.

This is the reason I always suggest that when money is not sufficient enough to fund multiple lines, it’s better to skip the draw, save your money until you can afford to play 10 or more lines.

Because playing more lines per draw improves the odds in your favor.  Think about it, playing 10 lines have better chances of winning rather than one line. That is, of course, if each of those lines hold a combination different than the other.

As the saying goes, the more entries you play, the more chances of winning you have.  It’s as simple as that.

As the jackpot rolls over to the next big one, playing for every draw means you always have the chance of winning the jackpots between. Before the US Mega Millions hit the $656 million jackpot, it started at a low $15 million.

While playing every draw doesn’t actually lessen your chances of winning, it doesn’t at all improve your chances of winning big either. Of course, playing once a draw is better than not playing at all. But there’s a much better way you can make use of the money than playing in every single lottery draw.

Play More Lines – Increase your Odds

Playing for more lines can be expensive. However, if you consider the odds, your chances of winning depends on the number of lines and not on the number of draws.

Here’s how to help yourself visualize the odds. When you’re holding one ticket with one line, your odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292 million. Another person holding one ticket with one line unique from your combination also has 1 in 292 million odds of winning the Powerball.

But if you’re holding one ticket with 3 lines of combinations unique from each other, your chances increase to 3 in 292 million. This is because you’re covering 3 of the 292 million US Powerball combinations.

Logically, if you want to increase your chances further, you’d buy more.

This is why people tend to buy many combinations in order to ascertain a winning advantage.

Cost-wise, it’s not practical to do so.

However, playing more lines proves to be a better option than playing every draw. The solution now is to stop playing every draw, and start saving up to splurge on one specific draw.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

As we always say, play responsibly and wisely.

Set aside a budget solely for playing the lottery. Use the money you usually spend to play draw after draw and put it aside. This way, you have the finances to play more lines in one draw.

What’s Next?

There are tons of lottery strategies in every nook and corner of the world wide web. But if you’ve been an avid reader at Lottometrix, you probably already know the best lottery strategy we have for you.

We use probability analyses to ascertain a winning advantage. The best part is you don’t need to compute. All you need to do is sign up and view the best lottery patterns.

Rather than playing the same old single combination for an entire week. You should play more lines and increase your chances of winning.

If you’re broke or have a limited budget, you should consider joining a lottery syndicate.

Inside the Lottometrix member’s area, we have a syndicate that works far from the traditional ones. Hint: instead of one big lottery jackpot, this syndicate helps you win 7 big jackpots for much, much less the cost.

Forget about playing aimlessly. You’ll be playing with other members of this group automatically with the Lottometrix strategy.

For now, save your money and play later with more lines using the Lottometrix patterns.

Learned something? Make use of your newfound knowledge at Lottometrix. Play with the best syndicate in town.

Since you’ll be playing as a group, it’s more affordable, and you wouldn’t need to skip a draw. In fact, you’ll be playing in 7 lottery draws!

Sign up to Lottometrix and increase your chances of winning today!

Where Do Lottery Winnings Go?

Most people play the lottery to indulge in luxuries they’ve never been able to experience before. There are also some who play for fun. After winning the lottery, we’ve compiled the top good and bad luxuries lottery winnings go toward – properties, investments, addiction, and more.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Playing the lottery would give you the chance to live your life whichever way you want. Realistically speaking, it’s the only way you can jump to the top of the financial food chain and afford all of your heart’s desires.

As of now, countless of lottery winners have surfaced all over the news – online and offline. These people are now living the life you’ve always wanted. But how did these lottery winners spend their lottery winnings? What luxuries did they indulge in? Did they spend the money on things you would spend?

Top 7 Good and Bad Luxuries Lottery Winnings Fall To

1. House/Properties

This is the most common investment lottery winners bought among others. After all, worrying about how to pay this month’s rent isn’t exactly how we want to spend the evenings. Plus, we all want to come home to a place of our own and make it our sanctuary.

This is top purchase because it provides utmost security and comfort. Shelter, after all, is one of the most basic needs of a person. Moreover, changing address after a big lottery win is a highly recommended step, unless you’re protected by anonymity. You wouldn’t want people and the media swarming around your home, right?

2. Business Investments

Most lottery winners quit their jobs almost immediately after receiving their lottery winnings.

No one wants to work their whole life away anyway. And to manage their lottery winnings increasing instead of continuously decreasing, players invest on businesses. Some continue the business they already have and used their lottery winnings to help it grow. There are also some who had to start from scratch.

Be wary though. If you’re planning on starting a business by using your winnings as investment, it’s best to seek the professional advice of a financial advisor before doing so.

3. Traveling

Once a person discovers they have the ability to move from place to place, that’s exactly what they’ll do. You might have never yearned to travel, but for a while, when you can, you will. More importantly, traveling for lottery winners can be a big escape to the stress of the sudden popularity.

When you win a big lottery jackpot, people are going to want to know who you are. If you weren’t granted anonymity, it will be your personal responsibility to lay low and escape. Lottery winnings go toward spontaneous travels not because winners want to travel, but because they have to.

4. Luxury Cars

Now that money, security, and profit has been settled, winners can now indulge in a life of total luxury. And what’s a luxurious lifestyle without a luxurious car, right?

If you scour online for news of lottery winners and their first few big purchases, most of the articles will tell you about the properties and cars bought. The reason? People like to show off.

Of course, I can’t speak for all lottery winners. After all, some stayed humble and down-to-earth. However, majority indulge in luxuries they don’t really need, and that is one of the main reasons why lottery winners end up broke in a short period of time.

In order to avoid that mistake, stick to buying a number of cars you only truly need. Remember, the goal is to become financially stable for the rest of your life, not for a couple of years.

5. Charities

They say money can’t buy happiness, but the feeling you get when you give to the less fortunate comes close to genuine happiness. Moreover, the great feeling you get when you buy something physical is fleeting. When you give to others and manage to put a smile on their face, the feeling becomes more permanent. This is why lottery winners, despite indulging in luxuries and comfort, love sharing their windfall to others. It gives them an entitled sense of fulfillment and kindness.

6. Drugs

The thing about drugs is that you are never truly the one who look for it. No one ever laid out their life and thought, “at this point when I have money, I’ll do drugs”. It just doesn’t happen that way. Lottery winners are more vulnerable to drugs because it’s the drugs that come looking for them. When you start celebrating your big win and throwing parties, all kinds of people will flock to you. Some will be a good influence, while others bad.

Once you’re put in a situation wherein you’re pressured to use your winnings for drugs, it will be up to you to say no. Just keep in mind that drug addiction has been the number one cause of bankruptcy among lottery winners.

7. Gambling

Some lottery winners still gamble desperately despite already winning the lottery. Why? They think that by playing nonstop they could gain more money. This, in itself, is utter greediness. Of course, I’m not telling you to quit while you’re ahead, but gambling can bring more problems on the table if not controlled properly.

Playing the lottery even after winning is okay, especially since you’re not risking as much as you would in a casino. Just beware of putting it all in in order to gain more money, as this is not the best way to gain profit.

In the end, people who gambled away their winnings in casinos – offline and online – had to declare bankruptcy early.

If you want to live like a celebrity, no one’s stopping you from playing the lottery. When you do win, however, it’s important not to lose sight of your original goal. You want to win the lottery in order to have a more comfortable lifestyle. To do that, you need to avoid problematic situations wherein you’ll be tempted to fall into a pit of bad decisions. Drugs, alcohol, and crazed shopping sprees, in the end, will not be worth the stability of being financially free. Don’t ever trade financial freedom for fleeting pleasures.

Play wisely and play responsibly. Be wise and responsible with your winnings. Whenever you’re ready to win the jackpot, head over to the Members Area and see which patterns will help you win the lottery. Sign up to Lottometrix and take that jackpot home!

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers?

Every lottery player has their own way of picking numbers. However, many of these chosen combinations don’t help increase your chances of winning the lottery. Here’s an easy way to pick winning lottery numbers.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

No one wants to play the lottery to lose. Lottery is a random game. That does not mean you can choose randomly or ask others to do that for you.

Contrary to popular belief, winning the lottery is not all about luck. This is why Lottometrix advocates its members to play and win the lottery with the use of Mathematics.

Lottometrix is here to compute for you.

Step-by-Step Guide in Picking Your Winning Lottery Numbers

At Lottometrix, it’s very simple – choose your lottery, pick the best pattern and pick your numbers based on that pattern. You can pick your pattern from the extensive list found inside the Members Area. Here, you can form your combinations based on the templates that have high likelihood of winning.

You don’t have to work on your math skills. The Lottometrix team has done all the math for you.


We provide you the statistics as proof. The statistics helped the Lottometrix team prove that probability analysis works by comparing the mathematical computations with the actual results.

Picking Winning Lottery Numbers with Lottometrix

It’s time to start playing the lottery wisely.

We’ve made your life easier by providing you with the best patterns. All you need to do is form your combinations. Choose your own unique winning lottery numbers from the templates provided.

Sign up to Lottometrix today, increase your chances of winning, and become the next lottery winner!

Should You Play All Possible Lotto Combinations

As a constant reader of this blog, you may have read several articles already about how you could increase your chances of winning the lottery. One of them is playing all possible lotto combinations.

There are several ways you could increase your chances of winning and in every way there will always be pros and cons.

Playing all possible lotto combinations is one way to guarantee winning the lottery. If you and your syndicate are thinking of playing this way, you should consider the pros and cons before playing.

Pros & Cons of Playing All Possible Lotto Combinations

Here are the Pros:

1. Guaranteed Winnings

If you can guarantee you’ll gain profit from the jackpot prize even after you include the taxes, playing all lotto combinations is the only way to win. You’re still going home as a winner and that is if you win the jackpot prize alone. If you do win it alone, you gain profit.

2. Multiple Winnings

By playing all possible lotto combinations, you are not just increasing your chance of winning the jackpot. You can also guarantee multiple chances of winning, due to the smaller prize divisions.

3. Profitable Loop

Profitable loop is when you invest on something and gain profit from this. Upon gaining profit, you repeat the same process to gain even more profit. This is the usual way on how to manage a business.

This can be done in lottery too.  This has been proven when a group of MIT students, while doing their school research discovered that by buying $100,000 worth of Cash WinFall Tickets would guarantee their win. In fact, at least 15-20% success rate were collected if they bought $600,000 worth of tickets.

Upon the rose of the jackpot prize of about $2 million, the group bought in and divided the prize among themselves. However they did not stop there, eventually they were able to bring in investors. To this day, they remain to be one of the most successful and innovative syndicate that capitalized on Cash WinFall Lottery loopholes.

Here are the Cons:

1. Shared Winnings

People usually ask, why won’t billionaires buy all possible lotto combinations to guarantee a return on their investment?

The answer, for one, is nobody can guarantee that a jackpot will be won by only one person.

When the US Powerball hit the record jackpot of $1.5B for example, three winning ticket holders surfaced. If you bought all US Powerball tickets for that particular draw, you would end up having to invest $584m in order to win the $1.5B. Given that three winners surfaced, if you were one of them, you’d have to split the jackpot evenly and be left with $500m before taxes.

If the billionaires won’t do it then how about the syndicates?

In a syndicate, they play the lottery with a mission to share and win. If they play all the possible lotto combinations, they are bound to spend a lot of money on it. Of course, the money received by each syndicate member will depend on the percentage or share they bought in a particular draw. Chances are, syndicate members won’t easily be multi-millionaires using this method. However, the chances of financial freedom is more likely if the group wins a big jackpot.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

2. Uneconomical

Need I say more? Lottery tickets cost money. In order for you to play all the possible lotto combinations, you have to spend a large sum of money as your capital. To warn you, you will not be just spending a thousand dollars but probably a millions dollars as well. That is, if you’re playing on your own.

3. It is time-consuming.

Let’s say you do have the budget to buy the lotto tickets and play all the possible lotto combinations, you’d have to fill up these tickets one by one carefully without missing one combination and submit it before the draw begins.

Despite these cons, there are still people who actually won the lottery by playing all possible lotto combinations. It truly requires effort and a couple of risky moves, but there have been people who methodically beat the lottery’s odds.

Examples of Players Who Won by Playing All Possible Lotto Combinations

 1. Stefan Klincewicz and his 28-strong syndicate

Stefan Klincewicz was 45 years old then, a half Polish accountant. Together with his syndicate, they bought the winning ticket of 2.2 million pounds.

It was in 1990 when Klincewicz thought of this plan upon learning about the jackpot prize rising. He and his syndicate went all over Ireland to purchase lottery tickets. The Irish lottery chiefs learned of this and started shutting down the terminals a day before the draw however by that time, the syndicate had already bought at least 80% of 1.94 million ticket number combinations.

This has not been an easy task to do. It required them a week to reached this 80%. They had to cooperate with several people and choose the machines that would not get in the way of the other ticket buyers.

The Irish lottery chiefs began to suspect when lottery machines that normally sell at least a thousand dollars of tickets daily suddenly became $15000 dollars the next morning. Despite the odds, they still won the jackpot together with another player forcing them to divide their winnings.

Klincewicz later on set up his other set of syndicates.

2. Australian Syndicate

In Richmond, an Australian syndicate turned up with a pink ticket claiming the $27 million Virginia Lottery. State officials remained skeptic in validity of the tickets. The security of Virginia State Lottery, Dennis Shaw claimed that the ticket looked genuine upon observing it under a microscope.

Upon confirmation of the ticket’s genuineness, the lottery officials are now questioning how they were able to buy 5 million out of 7 million worth of tickets for the February 15 game. In response to this, the investment group’s representative provided the lottery officials with several documents that would confirm how they were able to buy the 5 million worth of tickets.

Lottery officials had promised not to let this happen again in the future.

There is always a risk in playing the lottery, be it big or small. Overall, playing all possible lotto combinations in order to win a jackpot is only worth it if you’re in a syndicate.

Cut your losses back and Sign up to Lottometrix instead. We have the best syndicate that strays from the traditional ones and we have the winning patterns. See you inside the Members Area – the place where lottery winners take their first step towards taking the jackpot home.

How to Generate the Best Lottery Numbers?

Hot lotto numbers are believed to be the best lottery numbers you could use when picking your lottery combination. In reality, it is not. In this article you’ll know the reasons why it isn’t and what are the best lottery numbers you should pick instead.

Contrary to popular belief—hot numbers absolutely do not work in the lottery. In Lottometrix, the use of hot numbers is frowned upon. Here, we’ll tell you about how you could generate the best lottery numbers.

As stated before, hot numbers are not the key to winning the lottery.

But why? How could it be?

If you use ‘hot numbers’ to try and win the lottery, you would have ended up just wasting time and money. In fact, if you were to consistently play using hot numbers for 1000 draws, you’d lose in all 1000 draws.

Lucky numbers are used by the majority of lottery players. In reality, this is not advisable.

Why should you not pick hot lotto numbers?

Keep in mind that you’re not the only one playing. You’re also not the only player aware of the existence of hot lottery numbers. There are numerous people who picked these numbers as their own. Because they believe that hot lotto numbers bring enough assurance that they’d win.

Eventually, if hot lotto numbers appear in a draw, you’ll have to share the prize with someone else. Worst case scenario, you’ll be sharing the prize with more than one people. There is no way for you to have the jackpot prize alone.

I’m certain you want that jackpot prize for yourself. That is if you’re not playing in a syndicate.

If you want to read further on, you can read more about the disadvantages of hot lotto numbers on “Why Hot Lotto Numbers Never Work”. Here you’ll be provided specific statistics on why these hot lotto numbers are not a good choice when picking your lottery combination.

Generating the best lottery numbers

If hot lotto numbers do not help you win the lottery—what does?

Instead of repeating everyone else’s mistake, you should pick the best patterns. From there you should be able to generate the best lottery numbers you could use to win the lottery.

1. What to Avoid

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you are advised to avoid the following:

· Generating All Odd Numbers
· Generating All Even Numbers

For instance, if you are playing with 6 balls, don’t choose all 6 numbers straight as odd or even. Instead, choose 3 odds and 3 evens.

You may be asking, why you should avoid generating all odd or even numbers?

The answer is simply because all odd or even numbers are rarely drawn. In fact, at most, they only appear 1% of the time. While the 3 odds and 3 evens pattern is drawn more than 33% of the time. Thus, increasing your chances of winning.  You can use a spreadsheet to generate a balanced mixture of odd and even numbers. See How to Generate Lotto Numbers Using a Spreadsheet.

2. Cover the entire number field

Inside the Lottometrix Members Area, you would be provided with the best patterns you could use in the lottery. From there, you could choose the pattern and form your combination from that pattern. This is done with the use of a colored template.

Here is a step-by-step process on how you cover the entire lottery number field and increase your chances of winning.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Note: This is only an example. The numbers or colors to be mentioned are bad combinations and are only used for demonstration on how to generate the numbers manually. Only in the Lottometrix Members Area will you be provided with actual combinations you could use in playing the lottery.

Step 1: Choose your pattern

Ex: yellow – yellow – yellow – magenta – magenta – magenta

Step 2: Select the numbers based on the colors

2 – 5 – 8 – 40 – 44- 45

Step 3. Increase the numbers by 1 on the second line.

If you are playing the 6/45 lottery, when you reach 45, you have to go back to 1.

The process will be similar to the combinations shown below:

(line 1) 2 – 5 – 8 – 40 – 44 – 45
(line 2) 3 – 6 – 9 – 41 – 45 – 1
(line 3) 4 – 7 – 10 – 42 – 1 – 2
(line 4) 5 – 8 – 11 – 43 – 2 – 3
(line 5) 6 – 9 – 12 – 44 – 3 – 4
(line 6) 7 – 10 – 13 – 45 – 4 – 5
(line 7) 8 – 11 – 14 – 1 – 5 – 6
(line 8) 9 – 12 – 15 – 2 – 6 – 7
(line 9) 10 – 13 – 16 – 3 – 7 – 8
(line 10) 11 – 14 – 17 – 4 – 8 – 9
(line 11) 12 – 15 – 18 – 5 – 9 – 10
(line 12) 13 – 16 – 19 – 6 – 10 – 11
(line 13) 14 – 17 – 20 – 7 – 11 – 12
(line 14) 15 – 18 – 21 – 8 – 12 – 13
(line 15) 16 – 19 – 22 – 9 – 13 – 14
(line 16) 17 – 20 – 23 – 10 – 14 – 15
(line 17) 18 – 21 – 24 – 11 – 15 – 16
(line 46) – you need to STOP HERE or else line 1 will be duplicated.

As you finish adding the numbers by 1, you will already cover all 45 numbers when you get to Line 46, as shown in the example above.

If you notice, after reaching line 45, you’ll go back to the same figures as line 1. This is how it works in a 6/45 lottery game.

We apply this same principle in a 6/47 lottery game.

STOP when you reach line 47. The same principle applies to a 5/69 lottery game like the Powerball, you increment, stop when you reach line 69.

*Note: The combinations shown above do not follow the Lottometrix recommended patterns. As such, none of these combinations will help you win the jackpot. To view the best lottery patterns, log inside the Lottometrix Members Area.

Stop playing by superstition and start playing all numbers with the best patterns you could find in Lottometrix. Sig up to Lottometrix today and find out the best combinations in playing the lottery.

Four Lottery Winners and their Life-Changing Experiences

Winning the lottery can be a life changing experience. But it may not be the same as everyone had thought it would be. Some lottery winners did have their happy endings while some did not.

Winning the lottery is truly a life changing experience. There are some lottery winners who had nothing from the start. Some were even homeless. Some were just simple factory workers.

Winning the jackpot prize helped them improve their family’s life. From nothing, they were able to buy mansions, yachts, luxury cars, and other toys only the rich could afford. Many of them invested on businesses and even donated a large sum of money to charities. With financial stability for the rest of their life, they were able to experience the life they only ever dreamed of.

This, however, may not be the case for everyone else. Each of us have our own choice of how to spend money as we see fit. Unfortunately, not all of us can make a good decision and might end up losing it all. There are other repercussions in winning the lottery that you may be unaware of.

In this article, based on the true accounts of lottery winners, you’ll be given a quick summary the things they’ve experienced after winning the lottery. It may not all be good experiences. But don’t forget…

IT IS YOUR DECISION how to spend your money as you see fit . No one could dictate your life for you. The best advice I can give is to make good choices in life and avoid bad decisions the following lottery winners had made.

Here are true accounts of four lottery winners who won the lottery and how their life had changed drastically for the better and for the worse.

2 Lottery Winners’ Stories Who Wish they Never Won the Lottery

1. David Lee Edwards

David Lee Edwards, an ex-con who won the $27 million jackpot in a 2001 US Powerball draw. He was from Westwood, Kentucky. Before winning the jackpot, all he had was his daughter. He was a high school dropout, divorced man, and unemployed.

With $27 million, you’d be able to live in comfort for the rest of your life. You could be living in a mansion with your whole family until old age. This is not the case for Edwards. At the age of 58, he died alone and penniless at a Kentucky hospice.

Unlike many stories of lottery winner’s success. His ended unfortunately. According to his daughter, Tiffany, Edward began spending his winnings recklessly. His drug addiction brought chaos to their family and within 5 years, he lost all his money.

Despite this, she felt relieved. In an interview, she admitted:

“I didn’t know we was broke until we was broke but when I knew it was done I felt so relieved that part of our lives was finally over…In the beginning it was good. I had a dad. That’s all I’d wanted. In the end I was devastated because I’d lost my dad and I knew it.”

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

2. Andrew Jackson “Jack” Whittaker

Andrew Jackson “Jack” Whittaker, a West Virginia man who won nearly $315 million Powerball Jackpot in 2002. Before winning the lottery, he was already the president of a successful contracting firm called Diversified Enterprises Construction. Upon winning the lottery, he donated millions to charities. He even created his own foundation named “Jack Whittaker Foundation” wherein he funded with $14 million.

He had a complete family and had done good deeds but eventually this all changed. One by one, bad event came up after the other. He was arrested and sued, his $545,000 was stolen when he visited a strip club, and a year later, another $200,000 was stolen.

Later on, his wife divorced him and his 17-year old granddaughter died of overdose.

In an interview, he stated, “I wish I’d torn that ticket up.”

These are not the cases for everyone. Never get discouraged in playing the lottery. Why?

You’re holding your own life’s steering wheel. No one else can make these decisions for you – unless you decide to hire advisers. You have to remember: these stories are not listed for you to be discouraged. These are listed for you to avoid the bad decisions they made.

One reason the Lottery exists is for everyone to have a shot at living the life they could only keep dreaming of. It is your time to experience that luxurious life. Don’t let your situation stop you from trying to live the life you’ve always wanted.

In order to balance out the scale, here are two lottery winners who made the right decisions. These are the winners who continued living their lives with financial security.

2 Lottery Winners’ Stories who Succeeded in Life

1. Nikki Otterburn

Nikki Otterburn is a 46-year old fitness instructor who won £2,216,029 from the National Lottery. She was one of the lottery winners who was able to live her dream upon winning the jackpot prize.

15 years ago, she was working as the manager in Virgin Active gym. She is already living her life in contentment. With no thinking that she will be able to once again live the life she truly wanted. Winning the lottery made this possible.

At first, it did register to her. “I thought at first ‘Oh good I’ve won a tenner’ but then as I got five numbers it started to get serious. My colleague asked me what I needed and I remember saying to him ‘I just need 42’ and then saw 42 come out of the chute. I didn’t really overreact as it didn’t really sink in.”

She also worked in the same gym for a year after the win. Unlike many lottery winners, Niki was humble about the big win. Eventually, she cut her hours down at the gym and started to pursue her dream.

She came from a family of farmers and that is how her love for horses began. She looked for a place wherein she could have a horse stable and an arena. Now, she continues to live her dream.

She also stated that there was no downside to her win.

2. Jane Cunningham

Jane Cunningham, was 54 years old and working as a PA for her then fiancé, Mark Cunningham, a TV stuntman. Prior to her win, she has been playing the lottery for the past 14 years. She never stopped believing that one day she’ll win the jackpot prize.

She did won.

In December 2008, she won £7,544,200. She and her then fiancé had seven children – Rachel, 29, Richard, 26, Naomi, 18, Leona, 17, and Jasmyn, 13; and Lisbon’s son, Jake. Shortly after her win, they married in York in front of family and friends.

She stopped working and also supported local charities.

Later on, they were able to buy three homes, pursue their passion for motor racing, and do lots of travelling.

To this day, they live their life with financial security.

Playing the lottery might have its downfall, but you have to remember that it is always your choice. Spend your money wisely and you’ll be able to live your dream. With persistence and knowledge, you could increase your chances of winning the lottery. Don’t break your bank! Be the next lottery winner – sign up to Lottometrix today and arm yourself with mathematical strategies that can help you take the jackpot home!