What are the 3 Easy Steps that Can Help you Start Winning the Lottery?

They say there are no shortcuts to becoming successful and wealthy. At Lottometrix, we’ve gathered the 3 most simple and easy steps that can help you start winning the lottery. Read on to find why these three steps are essential for you to win the lottery.

You play the lottery with the vision to win the jackpot prize.

You want to change the course of your life and you want to make that happen as soon as possible without breaking your bones working as a replaceable employee. In fact, what you would like is to be your own boss.

Is it now safe to assume that you are here because you would like to have a more luxurious lifestyle? I mean, who doesn’t want to have a financial security for the rest of their life? Who doesn’t want to spend the rest of their life doing whatever they please?

Supposedly, everyone does.

Now, winning the lottery might be the best way for you to materialize your dreams, but this may not be as easy as you thought it would be. It is not as simple as picking six lucky numbers. If you want to win the jackpot and you want to win it soon then you should consider studying on how you could win the lottery.

If you’re inexperienced in this area, you’ll need a guide to winning the lottery. Here, I’ve provided the three easy steps you need to take for you to win and become the instant millionaire you’ve been dreaming of.

With these three easy steps, you will finally be able to live your dream.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

The three easy steps that will help you start winning the lottery

1. Make use of the Lottometrix Patterns

How are you not yet a member of Lottometrix?

Better sign up now and play with the best patterns.

When you arm yourself with these patterns, you are arming yourself with a mathematically-backed strategy.

Truth be told, you have less chance of winning the jackpot prize if you keep on playing with the same old lucky numbers or birthdates. You have to play this systematically. With the Lottometrix patterns, you have the best chances of winning the jackpot.

Using probability to debunk games of chance was fortified around the sixteenth century by Gerolamo Cardano. Back then, mathematicians were the only ones who could use the research and the study in order to beat games of chance. At present, the Lottometrix team has made it available for players all over the world to use probability to beat the odds of winning the lottery with no difficulty. Without having to lift a pen to compute for the math, you can now view which patterns have the best odds of appearing in a lottery draw.

Now, all you have to do is view the patterns, form your combination around that pattern, and wait for you to win the jackpot.

You can start doing this by signing up to Lottometrix.

Play the lottery with the best probability of winning

2. Play as many lines as possible without breaking the bank

You play the lottery to win money, but in order for you to do that you also have to spend money on it.

Sure the returns you get is much bigger than what you’ve put in, but overtime, all those losses will amount to a price much bigger.

If you fail to control how much you play in a week or month, you’ll end up losing way more than you’ll ever win.

The solution? Instead of playing for every draw, play multiple lines in one draw. That way, instead of your odds being 1 in something million, if you play ten lines, it will become 10 in something million. If you play 20, it will be 20 in something million.

However, even that will cost you a considerably hefty amount. So, I suggest you join a syndicate. Now, I’m not talking about your average day-to-day syndicate. I’m talking about a syndicate that strays from the traditional ones you see every day.

At Lottometrix, you can level-up your syndicate game by playing in seven big lotteries for a price much, much less than it originally should. You’ll find this group when you log in to the Members Area.

Your goal in playing the lottery is to win. However, if you keep on playing without a budget, you’ll break the bank. Moreover, if you keep using the wrong patterns and combinations, you are bound to lose the money you’ve worked hard for and go home with nothing.

To avoid that, you must learn to budget, play with the best patterns, and if you want to be able to shoulder the cost of playing multiple lines, play with a reliable group or syndicate inside Lottometrix.

3. Keep Playing

If you play the lottery, you have to remember that it is a trial and error system. After all, there will always be a risk when you set out to achieve bigger goals in life. But don’t fret! There may be risks along the way, but there are also ways wherein you could lessen the damage.

Be consistent with playing the lottery. After all, if you don’t play, you won’t win. Just remember to start setting aside money solely for playing the lottery. Never touch the emergency fund, savings account, or other finances set aside for something else.

Now, the winning lotto numbers might be impossible to predict, but with guidance from Lottometrix you’ll be given winning patterns that have greater likelihood of appearing in a draw.

Remember to stay strong and believe that you could win. This is an old cliché, but you will have to try and try until you succeed. Don’t lose hope now. After all, persistence is also key to winning the lottery.

Follow these three steps if you’re dreaming of becoming a millionaire. Don’t just simply play the lottery and leave it up to luck alone. Do something more to make your dreams come true. Don’t look for the next winning lotto numbers. Instead, Sign up to Lottometrix today and learn which patterns will help you win the jackpot.

Is it Possible to Predict Winning Lottery Numbers?

Lottery numbers are drawn randomly. Due to this, the next winning lottery numbers can never be predicted. However, there is a way you can predict which numbers are likely to get drawn more by using Mathematics.

If you want to increase your chances of winning the jackpot with better accuracy, you better start studying about how Mathematics can be applied to lottery using Probabilities.

Our article How To Win The Lottery According To Math will tell you exactly how you can do that.

Is it possible to predict winning lottery numbers using probability?

It may seem unreal at first but mathematics can predict the lottery to an extent.

Mathematics will serve as a guide on which combinations you should choose next. You may not know this, but even if lottery numbers are drawn randomly, there are numbers that will never be drawn. For example, the combination 1 2 3 4 5 6, has never appeared in a draw.

Basically through probability analysis, you’ll find that not every combination has the same chances of appearing in a draw.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

The Lottometrix Role

At Lottometrix, we could guide you as to how you could increase your chances of winning the lottery through the use of Mathematics.

Each lottery combination was analyzed in order to discover which types of combinations will appear more in draws. This gave birth to three different categories of lottery patterns. Namely, the best, the fair, and the worst patterns.

Obviously, you’d want to play with the best patterns if you wish to materialize your dream of becoming a millionaire. You’d want to avoid the worst patterns like the plague if you wish to stop wasting money.

The good news is you won’t have to do the math and compute for the probabilities yourself. All you need to do is log in and the answer will be right in front of you. Plus, we have analyses of 7 of the world’s biggest lotteries, not just the Powerball and Mega Millions.

Know the best combinations and  Sign up to Lottometrix today.

Is Playing the Lottery Worth It?

In 2014, Americans in 43 states spent a total of $70 billion on lotto games. 60% of Ontario adults participated in playing the game of chance in the past 12 months this year. Accordingly, 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt. Amidst the negative sides to the lottery, this post concludes that the lottery is worth playing after all.

Lottery is a game of chance.

It is a game that ends in two ways – you either win or lose.

Firstly, let’s see the pros and cons of playing the lottery.

The cons about to be mentioned are the most common reasons as why people do not play the lottery and disagree with the people that do.

Why you should not play the lottery

1. Time-consuming

We all know it won’t take one ticket to win the jackpot. You’d probably have to try for years or even decades just to be the millionaire that you wanted to be. Once you’re able to set aside a secure budget plan solely for playing the lottery, you’ll need to incorporate the game to your routine. This could mean stopping by a retailer once or twice a week.

2. Effort

You may have to ride a car just to purchase a ticket or would have to go a long way when you do. Playing the lottery effectively will also require your effort in understanding the probabilities, how it works, and how it could help you win the lottery.

3. Money

In order to gain something, you’ll have to give. It is a give and take process however you may end up just giving in this kind of set up. Like I said, it is a game of chance and you are placing a wager trying to win it.

If you’ve been playing the lottery for quite some time now, chances are you’ve come across someone who told you, “Stop wasting money and invest on something else!”

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Now, before I proceed with the pros, I would like to debunk these common notions mentioned above.

  • Time Consuming and Effort – You’ve got to work hard for something if you want it. Playing the lottery may require effort but this effort compared with what you can gain if you win the jackpot is so much more.
  • Firstly, once you’re aware of the patterns that have the best chances of getting drawn, this will lessen the years you’d have to play the lottery. In fact, you might very well be the next millionaire in the next few months after . There have been several accounts of people who became a millionaire with their persistence to win. You just have to have the right attitude.
  •  Second, the technology nowadays continues to advance. Thus, you have the choice to play in the comfort of your own home. You can have a go at an online lottery. Through playing lottery online, it will no longer take too much effort if you want to try your luck and be a millionaire.
  • Money– To others, the lottery may seem like a waste of money, but in fact it is not. It can be a form of investment. The player just needs to do his research or study on how to play the lottery better. If he or she does then playing the lottery could serve as his or her investment for the future.

Be careful not to put a dent on your finances just for playing the lottery, online or offline. Remember to maximize your winnings by playing with the best lottery patterns while minimizing your losses with a working budget plan.

Now that we’ve seen the cons, let’s proceed with the pros.

Why should you play the lottery?

As I mentioned earlier, the lottery is a game of chance, but life is all about taking chances. If you do not take that chance now, somebody else will and win it in your stead. Instead of you turning into a millionaire, your neighbor playing online lottery or offline lottery at this very moment is about to win that jackpot. So when you have that chance, take it!

Life is too short for you to contemplate whether you should buy that ticket or not.

It is your choice now whether you should play or not.

Would you like to continue living life inside your comfort zone?

Don’t deceive yourself any longer. As long as you have the means to play the lottery wisely and responsibly, you should play. After all, if you win, you’d be financially secure for the rest of your life. And who doesn’t want that?

So, yes. The lottery is indeed worth it.

Don’t let the chance slip by your hands. Go ahead and Sign up to Lottometrix today. Buy that ticket, play with the best lottery patterns and be the next millionaire.

What is the Best Lottery Syndicate?

They say playing with multiple lines is the best way to improve your chances of winning the lottery. To reduce the cost of playing multiple games, lottery players resort to joining or forming a syndicate. But the best lottery syndicate minimizes the cost and maximizes your winning chances. Introducing the lottery syndicate that lets you play and win in 7 big lotteries all at the same time…

What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who plays the lottery as a team. If you are in a lottery syndicate, you get to share the cost of the ticket, letting you buy more tickets than when you buy it on your own. This makes your chances of winning the lottery greater and you have to spare less money on it. But sharing the money that you’ll win is also a given.

Simply put, joining a lottery syndicate minimizes the cost you put into the game, but minimizes the winnings you receive just the same.

So, say you want to play the lottery cost-effectively, and make the most out of it by winning a bigger share of the prize, what do you do? Obviously, joining a traditional syndicate is not for you.

Fortunately, we have exactly what you need.

What is the Best Lottery Syndicate?

Remember when the US Powerball hit the record jackpot of $1.5B? Most syndicates are formed in groups of 10 to 30. If they won the record jackpot, safe to say, a syndicate would happily go home.

But what if the jackpot was much smaller? Say, the average $40m starting jackpot? Each member of a syndicate of 30 would go home with a little over a million before taxes. It’s a hefty amount, yes, but not enough to financially secure a future.

So what to do?

Inside Lottometrix is a syndicate you can join from wherever you’re sitting. What makes it different from the average syndicate? This particular group lets you play in 7 of the world’s biggest lotteries in the world. Including the US Powerball, the US Mega Millions, the Euro Millions, the UK National Lottery, and more.

You’re set to join a group of 30 players, and automatically play to win a share of 7 big lottery jackpots. That means, for more than half of the original cost of playing 7 lotteries online, you can win a share of more than one jackpot in one single play.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Simply put, if your average syndicate gives you the chance win a share of one big lottery jackpot, this new syndicate gives you the chance to win a share of 7 big lottery jackpots – for almost the same cost.

You can win a share of the US Powerball jackpot and the US Mega Millions jackpot in one game. Let me repeat the key takeaway here, you can win a share of 7 big lottery jackpots in one game for almost the same cost of playing for a syndicate that joins only one big lottery.

So before you decide on which syndicate to join, check out the Lottometrix Members Area. We have the best lottery syndicate waiting for you to join in on the fun of winning more while paying for less.

Accordingly, since Lottometrix helps you win with a mathematical advantage, you won’t have to worry about choosing your numbers anymore. Because you’re within Lottometrix walls, we’ll choose your numbers for you. Each combination will be chosen from the best patterns that have the greatest likelihood of getting drawn.

With that, you’re leveling up from the traditional syndicate. The best lottery syndicate has the following attributes:

  • Allows you to play and win a share of 7 big lottery jackpots
  • Minimizes the cost of playing games in each of the world’s richest lotteries
  • Maximizes your winning chances with Lottometrix patterns

With these, you should be able to have an even greater chance of winning. In this day and age, you cannot simply buy a large amount of tickets carelessly. This is also why it is important that you know very well the lottery syndicate you should join in.

You do not want your share to go to waste easily, right?

So let’s share the vision to win!

Here at Lottometrix, we do not base our chances on luck alone. We provide well-researched information to help aspiring lottery winners like you. Gain a larger possibility of winning the lottery. Sign up to Lottometrix today to join the best lottery syndicate and be a millionaire by winning in 7 of the world’s richest lotteries!

The Role of Persistence in Winning the Lottery

If you’re a constant reader of this blog, you may have already read the article, How to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction. This article may seem similar to this because like the constant need of visualizing your goals, you have to be persistent despite multiple trials and errors in winning the lottery.

“Try and try until you succeed”

This is the mantra that you will need in order to win the lottery.

Go ahead and try repeating that to yourself. You will need to inscribe it into your very system and once you did, it will be easier for you to follow.

There are quite a lot of successful personalities who have gone through multiple failures before finally climbing to the succession ladder. One example is the author of the famous Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling, who encountered several rejections from different publishers before finally getting published by the Bloomsbury Publishing Company.

As Justin Bieber’s song goes, NEVER SAY NEVER!

At first, it may seem ridiculous to even attempt after several failures. You’d begin to think this is useless. It is going nowhere. What’s the use of even trying if I am just going to fail in the end? But you know what? You will never know unless you try.

  • Would you rather be wondering your whole life?
  • What if you actually took that chance?
  • What if by not trying, you lost a large sum of money you could’ve possibly won?

There will be several what ifs and more questions than answers. It may seem useless but persistence in winning the lottery is the key.

Yes, persistence.

It is not like if you try buying a ticket every single day, you’ll gain the skill to do better. It is not something that you do repeatedly and at a certain point will start giving you better results.

In truth, there is no actual assurance that you will win the lottery, but there is a huge assurance that someone else will. The fact of the matter is, if you keep playing the same way you have been all this time, you will never move forward. You will never find yourself on par with the people who played persistently with the best numbers and with multiple lines.

Now, it may seem impossible at the moment but you should be aware of the several moments persistence in winning the lottery played a big role.

1. Rob Winburn

Rob Winburn, a 41-year-old man from Iowa played the same numbers weekly for 20 years.

His ticket was among the nine winners who matched 5 numbers in the US Powerball, making him the recipient of $1,000,000. He bought the winning ticket in a gas station at Urbandale, Iowa.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

2. James Lunsford

James Lunsford, a 60-year-old man from Kentucky. It was on November when he decided to stop by the Lake Cucumberland Store. He bought two tickets and went home with no winnings. Yet he decided to try again the next Wednesday morning.

In an interview he said, “It was ticket number 13”.

He did not think he would win $500,000 by scratching off the ticket. He thought he could only get $100 and that’s it.

3. Lois Shulman

Lois Shulman, a 72-year-old woman won $5.52 million. For years, she’s been playing the lottery, ignoring both her husband and son as they discouraged her from playing. She was persistent to win the lottery. They kept reminding her that she was only wasting money but she knew that someday she will win and she did.

4. Jose Ferdinand Rojas II

Jose Ferdinand Rojas II, a 55-year-old man from Manila won a total of US$2,000,000. He plans to spend the jackpot on the education of his two children, giving the remainder of the winnings to charities.

For the past ten years, there were two instances wherein he almost won the jackpot prize. Needless to say, those two almosts fueled his persistence for another decade.

These are only four out of, maybe, a thousand or even more lottery winners who tried and tried ’til finally they won the jackpot.

As you have read, this does not come in a short span of time. It took the others decades of trying and failing. They received words of discouragement, at some point, either from their families or friends. However, that did not stop them from trying.

Because what is there to lose? Only the chance of turning into an instant millionaire.

However, you really must have persistence in winning the lottery for there are no shortcuts to this. You really have to take the long road even though the end can’t be seen anywhere.

Take that time and effort. Your chance of winning the lottery is at your disposal. Are you really going to stop or are you going to keep trying?

It may be true that some are fortunate enough to win it in a few tries. But we cannot disregard the possibility that in their whole lives, they may have tried it a few more times without giving it that much thought.

Tip: Just try to believe in yourself a little more and don’t let anyone stop you from trying.

You really just have to continue persisting. After a while, I can assure you that persistence in winning the lottery truly pays off. It may not be today or tomorrow but if you persist enough, someday the jackpot will be yours to take home.

It is your time now to take that leap of faith…consistently. Maybe the next set of numbers you play with will win the jackpot. You’ll never know unless you try, right? So don’t let that opportunity slip by and increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Find out which numbers have the best chance of getting drawn— Sign up to Lottometrix today and you might be the next persistent Lottery winner!

What Does it Feel Like to Win the Lottery

You’ve been waiting for this very moment. You’ve probably had countless dreams of winning the jackpot. Every single night, you’ve prayed for it like there’s no other and now finally that moment has come. So now the question is, what does it really feel like to win the lottery?

Some people might have been left wondering about this since not everyone had a chance to win the lottery even once in their life, be it a small or a large amount.

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for some while others might never be so lucky. Truth be told, a person might not have enough years in their lifetime to win the lottery. Of course, that can only be said for jackpots. You can win smaller prize divisions more easily. But what do you play the lottery for, if not to win big, right?

So, for you not to feel so left out, I made a list of what emotions and feelings a person experiences when they win the lottery. The following is from the accounts of a real lotto winner.

From an almost ‘bum’ into an instant millionaire — What Does it Feel Like to Win the Lottery?

Dean Allen and his father worked for the same printing firm. Unfortunately the company was about to shut down.

However, he had no idea that his world was about to turn upside down. On that certain evening, he received a text message alerting him of the weekend’s lottery numbers. His girlfriend encouraged him to try and with that, he decided to get an extra pair of the Lucky Dip Tickets. Little did he know, playing the lottery on that particular evening was to mark a turning point in his life.

When the results were finally drawn, it came out as a big surprise to him as his numbers matched the ones on the screen.

At the young age of 26 in August 2000, Dean Allen was the only rollover winner. Making him the only recipient of the £13,861,061 jackpot.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

So what does it feel like to win the lottery?

This would be the usual first reaction.

Winning the lottery would always come as a surprise. You’d buy a ticket hoping for the best results but you would not know exactly how it would turn out.

It is like passing an exam you didn’t study for.

You never did anything except wrote down your best guess hoping that you will not fail but you would not know how you did until you received your grades.

When the results are out and you learn that you did well, it will come to you as a surprise.

2. NERVE-RACK (Nervous Breakdown)

In an interview Allen said, “That’s when the nervous rashes started to come up,’ he says. ‘We didn’t know what to think.”

From being ‘almost’ unemployed to being an instant millionaire!

It can truly be,

You’re probably asking: Why? How come?

Imagine yourself in the same situation as Allen — you’re about to lose your job which is your only source of income. Since you’re working in the same firm as your father then it’s likely you won’t be able to ask help from him because you’re both down in the pits.

You really would have a difficult time processing the fast change of pace in your mind.


If you win the Lottery, you’ll probably be in a daze of confusion for a moment. Actually, the confusion could last longer than a moment..

Imagine having close to nothing then having everything suddenly in the reach of your hands. This may turn out to be too overwhelming and not so easy to grasp.

Thus, a lottery winner would most likely need to come into terms with himself first and the reality that awaits him.


After a player confirms his win with a retailer, the lottery winner can now make up his mind on what he is going to do with the money.

Provide the financial needs of his family.
Buy the things he’s been dreaming of owning.
Travel the world.
Give to Charity.

The list goes on…and it’s up to you to decide where your winning goes.

All of these emotions could play out as a lottery winner tries to cope with the life-changing moment. The nerve-racking and confusing moments will be fleeting, so don’t worry about it. What matters is at the end of the line, you’ll leave with glee.

Now that you have learned what does it feel like to win the lottery through another’s account; are you not curious of what would you feel if you experience it yourself? Tell me, would it not be the best feeling ever?

Now is the time to experience that very same feeling. But don’t simply lean on luck alone as you try your chances in a lottery. Go ahead, read, and understand the probabilities that will help you choose the best possible winning numbers. Sign up to Lottometrix today and have the chance to experience the feeling of a lottery winner!

Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction

By now you’ve read about Cynthia Stafford basically taking the $112m jackpot by using the Law of Attraction. In this article, let’s discuss how the passionate desire, the constant envisioning, and faith can help you win the lottery using the Law of Attraction.

Many of you might think that this is a close to impossible feat. The lottery draws numbers randomly, and if there was any way to win it, it is by pure luck, or so they say. Some would leave it all up to chance saying, “Let the heavens decide”. But would you rather let the unknown decide when you could make it happen on your own – by having faith alone?

In this article, let me guide you on how to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction.

To understand what I am trying to say, I would first like to define the Law of Attraction also known as LOA. According to Losier, the main theory behind this is that “we create our own realities”. By this, he meant that our emotions and thoughts are to determine what we will allow into our lives. It will draw either a positive or a negative energy based on our emotions and thoughts.

According to an article from Southwestern College, another way of saying this is we get what we are asking for.

Now that we have understood the basic meaning of LOA, how are we going to use the law of attraction in winning the lottery?

What do you need to do to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

1. You have to know what you want

This is the first step and it is a must that you do it. The Law of Attraction works through your thoughts and emotions thus you need to be concrete on what you really want.

Is it a new car? House? Maybe even a girlfriend? Or if you are in a marrying age, a wife?

Since you’re here, it’s safe to say you want to win the lottery. So, I’m going to assume you want to win a certain prize, perhaps a million dollars?

What to do: You need to often think about winning a million dollars. You could even write it down to make it even more concrete. Make it specific, how many millions, which lottery, and which numbers. Don’t worry about being realistic, this is your chance to dream big.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

2. Envision it

Since we assumed in the first step that you are going to win a million dollars, what are you going to do about it afterwards?

This is when you envision the things you want to do with the money you are about to win.

Now here comes the material things you want, is it a car? A house? A yacht? A private jet?

What to do: You have to envision all of these clearly in your mind. You have to imagine yourself watching the television comfortably in your dream house. What kind of car do you have in mind exactly? Do you want a red Lamborghini or a black mini cooper? Go crazy.

3. Believe that you can have it


“You have to have faith.
Believe in yourself that you can have it because eventually you will.”

If you don’t believe that you can have it then it will not be yours. Remember, the Law of Attraction works based on your thoughts and emotions. If you yourself could not believe of this possibility then the Law of Attraction might not work for you.

What to do: Simple, believe.

How to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction with Cynthia Stafford

If you still think that mind power does not work then you might need to look up Cynthia Stanford. She won the $112 million on the lottery in 2007 through visualizing her winnings.

These are a few of what she did in order to materialize the dream:
Before she won, she drove around looking for her dream house.
She listed down the names of lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers she’d hire when she won.
Day and night, she kept repeating the exact amount of money she would win and which lottery she would win it in. I’m talking about the $112m jackpot from the Mega Millions.

See? You’ll never know, you might be the next millionaire!

So stop the daydreaming and start believing that you can have everything you ever dreamed of.Take a leap of faith, and win that jackpot. But don’t forget to boost your chances by playing with the best numbers, discovered mathematically, and proven by actual results. Sign up to Lottometrix and take that jackpot home today!

Are You Using the Best Lotto Numbers to Play The Powerball? Let’s Find Out

Playing the lottery with your best lotto numbers and sheer dumb luck is no longer enough to win the jackpot. Know which groups have a good likelihood of getting drawn, and know when to play them.

In a lottery, such as the Powerball, you pick 5 of your best lotto numbers from a pool of 69 numbers and a Powerball number between 1 and 26—in which the odds will then equal to 292,201,338. Ever since the Powerball changed its previous matrix of choosing 5 numbers from 59 to 69, everyone – including you – has since had bigger doubts you’ll ever win the lottery. And from the previous 175,223,510 to 292,201,338 odds, it seems fair to believe you never actually will.

But just as soon as you stop playing, someone else wins the big jackpot. Which begs the question: what, in fact, have you been doing wrong?

Below are four groups of playable combinations in the Powerball. Which of these groups of combinations does your best lotto numbers fall in? Choose one, and find out if you have the potential to be the next Powerball jackpot winner.

Group A

12 – 17 – 26 – 29 – 47
23 – 27 – 41 – 44 – 66
11 – 19 – 24 – 43 – 49
17 – 32 – 39 – 41 – 48
33 – 37 – 41 – 48 – 62

Group B

2 – 36 – 7 – 5 – 39
4 – 42 – 47 – 6 – 9
1 – 8 – 14 – 3 – 18
67 – 2 – 61 – 9 – 4
6 – 2 – 31 – 32 – 8

Group C

8 – 15 – 18 – 23 – 36
13 – 18 – 23 – 41 – 5
3 – 22 – 28 – 34 – 49
22 – 6 – 32 – 33 – 48
19 – 23 – 41 – 45 – 7

Group D

32 – 36 – 37 – 40 – 46
35 – 39 – 41 – 43 – 49
13 – 18 – 25 – 27 – 29
22 – 28 – 36 – 38 – 39
21 – 29 – 51 – 54 – 58

The Combinations Explained:

Group A – The combinations in Group A represent patterns that have 0.2% chance of appearing in a draw. This means, combinations like these are expected to appear only twice in every 1000 draws – a relatively small amount.

There are 1,215,000 possible combinations in this group, in which it follows 60 patterns. This group takes up a little over 11% of the 11,238,513 combinations in the Powerball (not including the plus ball).

However, the fact that this group takes up 11% of the Powerball’s potential combinations, does not mean you’ll have better chances of winning the jackpot by playing one of its patterns.

Group B – Patterns from this group only takes up 0.2% of 11,238,513 total possible combinations. From that alone, you can already tell that your chances of winning the Powerball are very low.

The theoretical probability of a pattern from this group appearing in a draw is 0.000336343, which means you can expect patterns from this group to appear almost never in every 1000 draws.

If you chose this group, then you have one of the lowest chances of winning the jackpot.

Group C – These combinations represent patterns that have 0.3% chance of appearing in a draw. This means, combinations using these patterns is expected to appear approximately 3 to 4 times in every 1000 draws – still not a good probability but at least better than group A and B.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

Group D – The combinations in Group D have 30 patterns available, but each pattern only has a 0.000480491 theoretical probability of getting drawn. Each of these patterns is expected to appear only 4 times in every 10,000 draws.  Which means, winning a draw with patterns from this group is highly unlikely.

Best Lotto Numbers Conclusion

Be reminded that your 5 best lotto numbers may not be the best lotto numbers picked by other players. By picking 5 out of 69 numbers, you are to accept that you are missing out on 11,238,512 other potential combinations to be drawn. Once that sinks in, your awareness of how tiny your chances of winning are should, either, frighten you or motivate you into playing more of the other potential combinations to improve the odds.

Of course, if you are not playing with a group of players or not interested in sharing the winnings with others, playing more games without any guarantee that you’ll win will seem like a waste of good money.

At the very least, combinations that belong to group C has better looking probabilities, but they do not house the best lotto numbers. In truth, we recommend you to never play any of the numbers above.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Inside the Lottometrix members area, you will discover the best patterns that house the best lotto numbers that appear not only in the US Powerball, but in your favorite lotteries as well.

Playing the lottery with sheer dumb luck is no longer enough to win the jackpot. Know which groups have a good likelihood of getting drawn, and know when to play them. All you have to do is Sign Up, view your favorite lottery’s analysis, play with the best patterns, and immediately improve your odds of winning the jackpot.

Remember, if you don’t know your game, then you’re simply throwing money into the garbage.

Lottery Jackpot, Big or Small: You Should Keep Playing – Here’s Why

Think about it, if you were to produce the winning combination for the $20 million jackpot, share it with another winner, and have that leave you with $10 million – or less if there were three of you; wouldn’t waiting for the jackpot to grow to $20 million pointless now that you could have played it when it was just $10 million?

Do you often pass up the opportunity of winning a $10 million lottery jackpot all because you think it will be better to invest your $2 on a bigger lottery jackpot?

So you play the lottery to win. To you, winning means absolutely considering all things relative to playing the lottery with minimal risks. Including knowing a lottery ticket’s expected value.

Now what exactly is the ‘expected value’ all about and how can it lead you to making quality decisions with regard to playing the lottery?

The expected value can be considered as the average of all the values obtained after running a probability experiment over a number of times while keeping track of the results.

In the case of a lottery game, the expected value can be obtained after considering the amount of the lottery jackpot and the probability of winning that jackpot.

Here’s how an article from Business Insider put it, “If my expected value for playing the game, based on the cost of playing and the probabilities of winning different prizes, is positive, then in the long run the game will make me money.”

For example, if the US Powerball were to raise a $600 million jackpot, considering that the odds of winning are 1 in 292,201,338, the expected value of a Powerball ticket is $2.05 – which was attained by dividing the amount of the jackpot by the odds of winning the said jackpot.

Now, bear in mind that the usual price of a lottery game is $2. Once the expected value reaches $2.05, playing the Powerball when it raises a $600 million jackpot can be considered as a fair game.

So we can say that once a lottery jackpot gets bigger, the expected value, in return, gets better as well.

Meaning, you get more money back, potentially.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

But why shouldn’t you wait for the lottery jackpot prize to get bigger before you play?

Being mindful of the ticket’s expected value might be the best thing you do before you play in a draw. However, letting the expected value stop you from playing the lottery might not be a wise move – more like crazy!


Well, first of all, think of all the draws you’re bound to miss before a lottery jackpot hits a price that you consider tasteful. Sit and ponder about how the expected value will really affect your chances of winning. The truth is the odds will never change. No matter how big the lottery jackpot and the expected value fluctuate.

Once the expected value of a lottery ticket raises high, the odds will remain as is. If it was 1 in 292m, it will stay 1 in 292m.

Now, you must be wondering why other people play in accordance to a lottery ticket’s value. The reason for that is these people are planning on buying a good percentage of the ticket.

You see, the expected value can be applied to guarantee that you will not lose more than you play. This is why once the jackpot grows to a fair amount of millions, you can expect it to attract every syndicate in town.

What Syndicates Have To Do With It

Speaking of syndicates, one more thing to consider when playing the lottery in accordance to how high the expected value is that there’s a good chance you’re going to be sharing the winnings with someone else.

So if you’re thinking of putting off playing the lottery unless the jackpot is at least $20 million, don’t. Bearing in mind the amount of people the lottery jackpot attracted. You might not be the only one playing the winning numbers.

So think about it. If you were to produce the winning combination for the $20 million jackpot, there’s a good chance you’ll share it with another winner. And that will leave you with $10 million – or less if there were three of you. So wouldn’t waiting for the jackpot to grow to $20 million pointless now? Especially if you could have played it when it was just $10 million and have it all to yourself?

Take a look at why Time.com agrees, “there are three major things winners have to contend with—taxes, the lump sum discount, and potentially splitting the pot with other people. We have to contend with the possibility of multiple winners with and a split pot, which gets more and more likely as more tickets get sold.”

And there’s nothing you can do with $20 million that you can’t with $10 million anyway!

So what should you do now?

Only consider the expected value if you’re planning on purchasing, say, about 80% of the tickets. But, even then, you should anticipate the possibility of sharing the jackpot with another winner.

So, the next time you see a jackpot; don’t simply pass up the opportunity to win it because it’s not big enough. Keep in mind that people don’t just play with big jackpots because of the expected value of a ticket. Sometimes people play with big jackpots simply because they want to win a big pile of money.

Now, don’t be discouraged. There are other ways you can increase your odds of winning a big pile of money. It doesn’t even concern calculating the expected value at all. In fact, you don’t need to calculate anything to improve your odds of winning.

For example, did you know that it’s completely possible to analyze lottery draws? You can also check the recurrence interval of each combination.

The recurrence interval can help you choose patterns that have a good likelihood of appearing in a future draw. In addition, knowing the recurrence interval of these patterns can help you play your numbers at the right time.

You can shrug off the idea of a game’s expected value. Focus on ways to improve your odds that doesn’t involve complicated calculations on your part. All you have to do is Sign Up, and you can leave the rest to us.

What Were The Winning Powerball Numbers Tonight?

After every Powerball draw, we update the results page to reflect the latest lottery results. You can find this by clicking on the drop down menu or by clicking here. In rare cases, you might find our website down – a technical difficulty that every other website experiences! In this case, you can always check out this list of websites where you can find the winning Powerball numbers tonight.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

We’ve compiled the best and most reliable sources for lottery winning numbers in this post.

Below is a list of the most reliable websites that contains the latest Powerball results.

Do a double, triple, or quadruple check from any of the websites below:

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