What Does it Feel Like to Win the Lottery

You’ve been waiting for this very moment. You’ve probably had countless dreams of winning the jackpot. Every single night, you’ve prayed for it like there’s no other and now finally that moment has come. So now the question is, what does it really feel like to win the lottery?

what does it feel like to win the lottery? shivering.

Some people might have been left wondering about this since not everyone had a chance to win the lottery even once in their life, be it a small or a large amount.

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for some while others might never be so lucky. Truth be told, a person might not have enough years in their lifetime to win the lottery. Of course, that can only be said for jackpots. You can win smaller prize divisions more easily. But what do you play the lottery for, if not to win big, right?

So, for you not to feel so left out, I made a list of what emotions and feelings a person experiences when they win the lottery. The following is from the accounts of a real lotto winner.

From an almost ‘bum’ into an instant millionaire — What Does it Feel Like to Win the Lottery?

Dean Allen and his father worked for the same printing firm. Unfortunately the company was about to shut down.

However, he had no idea that his world was about to turn upside down. On that certain evening, he received a text message alerting him of the weekend’s lottery numbers. His girlfriend encouraged him to try and with that, he decided to get an extra pair of the Lucky Dip Tickets. Little did he know, playing the lottery on that particular evening was to mark a turning point in his life.

When the results were finally drawn, it came out as a big surprise to him as his numbers matched the ones on the screen.

At the young age of 26 in August 2000, Dean Allen was the only rollover winner. Making him the only recipient of the £13,861,061 jackpot.

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So what does it feel like to win the lottery?

This would be the usual first reaction.

Winning the lottery would always come as a surprise. You’d buy a ticket hoping for the best results but you would not know exactly how it would turn out.

It is like passing an exam you didn’t study for.

You never did anything except wrote down your best guess hoping that you will not fail but you would not know how you did until you received your grades.

When the results are out and you learn that you did well, it will come to you as a surprise.

2. NERVE-RACK (Nervous Breakdown)

In an interview Allen said, “That’s when the nervous rashes started to come up,’ he says. ‘We didn’t know what to think.”

From being ‘almost’ unemployed to being an instant millionaire!

It can truly be,

You’re probably asking: Why? How come?

Imagine yourself in the same situation as Allen — you’re about to lose your job which is your only source of income. Since you’re working in the same firm as your father then it’s likely you won’t be able to ask help from him because you’re both down in the pits.

You really would have a difficult time processing the fast change of pace in your mind.


If you win the Lottery, you’ll probably be in a daze of confusion for a moment. Actually, the confusion could last longer than a moment..

Imagine having close to nothing then having everything suddenly in the reach of your hands. This may turn out to be too overwhelming and not so easy to grasp.

Thus, a lottery winner would most likely need to come into terms with himself first and the reality that awaits him.


After a player confirms his win with a retailer, the lottery winner can now make up his mind on what he is going to do with the money.

Provide the financial needs of his family.
Buy the things he’s been dreaming of owning.
Travel the world.
Give to Charity.

The list goes on…and it’s up to you to decide where your winning goes.

All of these emotions could play out as a lottery winner tries to cope with the life-changing moment. The nerve-racking and confusing moments will be fleeting, so don’t worry about it. What matters is at the end of the line, you’ll leave with glee.

Now that you have learned what does it feel like to win the lottery through another’s account; are you not curious of what would you feel if you experience it yourself? Tell me, would it not be the best feeling ever?

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