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In 2005, Renato Gianella bridged the gap between winning the lottery and mathematics. He published a study called the Geometry of Chance, which unlocks the secret to winning the lottery by playing based on “patterns” with greater likelihood of winning.

Gianella and his study were featured on the Daily Mail, where he was quoted to have said,  “The lottery should no longer be seeing as a form of a gambling but a true representation of the probabilistic theory and the Law of Large Numbers”

Some of the people ever to have successfully beat lotteries are mathematicians.

  • The group of MIT students who played and profited $8 million from a Massachusetts lottery majored in BS Mathematics.
  • Mohan Srivastava, the man who found a surefire way to win a series of lottery scratchcard games and a guaranteed $600 profit from lottery scratchcards every day, was a statistician.
  • A syndicate composed of professors at Bradford University had a mathematical advantage. Their theory of probability was vindicated when they matched all six numbers and scooped the $13 million lotto jackpot.
  • Two American scientists flew all the way to Australia to systematically bet on an Australian lottery and won.

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