Australia Gold Lotto Probability Analysis – How To Win, Understanding Odds, 3 Best Number Patterns and 122 Number Combinations To Avoid

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The Australia Gold Lotto is well-known for paying out 55% of its lottery earnings as opposed to other lotteries which only pays out 45-50% of its total earnings.

The drawings occur every Saturday.

Its first ever draw occurred on June 24, 1972 — subsequently gaining a steady global popularity as the time passes. Today, more and more participants of the Australia Gold Lotto come from all over the world via online lottery entry services.

How To Play The Australia Gold Lotto

To play the Australia Gold Lotto, players are to pick 6 main numbers between 1 and 45. These numbers will be randomly selected upon every draw, wherein jackpots start at $4 million each week. As opposed to other lotteries, the Australian Saturday Lotto do not require players to match a supplementary (also known as extra ball) ball to win the jackpot. However, matching 5 numbers + a supplementary ball will win you the 2nd Division prize, a bigger prize than simply matching 5 numbers.

Understanding The Odds

The Australia Gold Lotto’s 6/45 format produces a total of 8,145,060 combinations. Since, winning the first prize doesn’t require to match any bonus or extra balls, Australian Lotto has the best winning odds of all pick six games in the world.

How To Win The Australia Gold Lottery

Since the Australia Gold Lotto has, hands down, the best odds of winning using matrices that only require 6 main numbers, it would be a waste for players to play this game without the use of Lottometrix’s recommended patterns.

You can beat the odds by playing with patterns in Australian lotto that give you the best probability of winning.

We have divided the patterns into 58 Groups.

The table below shows you which group of patterns for the Australian Saturday Lotto are available for play, and from this table, you will find an interesting trend that will give you a good idea on how to effectively play.

As you can see, there are patterns that will give you an advantage and patterns that will put your money down the drain.  For example if you simply select your numbers using patterns in group 23 to 58 you probably will not win the jackpot even if you play the Australian Lottery for 1000 draws without skipping.

To guarantee a win the Australian Saturday Lotto, you should choose the pattern that will give you the best advantage.

Below are screenshots from the exclusive area of Lottometrix. Remember you can see the full list of these patterns for free as a member Lottometrix.  It’s free to register to become member.

Lottery Patterns Of Australia Gold Lotto

In the Australia Gold Lotto, there are a total of 210 patterns.

Out of the 210 patterns, we calculated a total combinations of 8,145,060 numbers.

Out of 210 patterns, our calculation shows the following:

  • Top 3 patterns that we highly recommend people should play all the time
  • 85 patterns that we recommend people should play moderately
  • 122 patterns that people should avoid all the times

You can view the complete patterns, when you register as lottometrix member. It’s free to signup.

The Only Patterns You Should Play With in the Australia Gold Lotto

The Australia Gold Lotto is one of the easiest lotteries to win. But even with the good, justifiable odds of 8,145,060, you would be better off not underestimating the power and complication of the Australian Saturday Lotto. Under the 210 discovered patterns of this lottery, only 3 patterns are best to play with. You can view them once you’re logged into the Lottometrix Members Area.

Play the Australian Saturday Lotto using numbers with the best probability of winning

What are the Patterns That Can Make or Break Your Australia Gold Lotto Luck?

85 Australian Lottery patterns are moderately recommended for players to test their luck on. Playing with these patterns are not extremely worse than the next patterns that will be mentioned, but note that these 85 patterns must be played with caution and the right timing. View these patterns and their play signals when you log into the Lottometrix Members Area.

Numbers that seldom appear in Australian Saturday Lotto

The Worst Patterns in the Australia Gold Lotto that You Must Avoid At All Cost…

There are, unfortunately, 122 worst patterns in the Australia Gold Lotto. These are the patterns you absolutely must stay away from, as most of these patterns do not appear in draws at all.

Avoid these number combinations when you play Australian Saturday Lotto

Make a Profit or Win The Jackpot – A Lottometrix Win-Win Situation

In the shortest time possible, you can make a profit, even win the jackpot, in the Australia Gold Lottery by following our mathematical advice. These advice will not fail you, as the proof of appearances of each pattern, combination, or groups of numbers are backed by actual statistics rather than mere theories.

Once you’re logged into the Lottometrix exclusive members’ area, you will see the best patterns to play in the Australia Gold Lotto.

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