Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction

By now you’ve read about Cynthia Stafford basically taking the $112m jackpot by using the Law of Attraction. In this article, let’s discuss how the passionate desire, the constant envisioning, and faith can help you win the lottery using the Law of Attraction.

a player in a lottery outlet dreaming and believing he will win

Many of you might think that this is a close to impossible feat. The lottery draws numbers randomly, and if there was any way to win it, it is by pure luck, or so they say. Some would leave it all up to chance saying, “Let the heavens decide”. But would you rather let the unknown decide when you could make it happen on your own – by having faith alone?

In this article, let me guide you on how to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction.

To understand what I am trying to say, I would first like to define the Law of Attraction also known as LOA. According to Losier, the main theory behind this is that “we create our own realities”. By this, he meant that our emotions and thoughts are to determine what we will allow into our lives. It will draw either a positive or a negative energy based on our emotions and thoughts.

According to an article from Southwestern College, another way of saying this is we get what we are asking for.

Now that we have understood the basic meaning of LOA, how are we going to use the law of attraction in winning the lottery?

What do you need to do to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

1. You have to know what you want

This is the first step and it is a must that you do it. The Law of Attraction works through your thoughts and emotions thus you need to be concrete on what you really want.

Is it a new car? House? Maybe even a girlfriend? Or if you are in a marrying age, a wife?

Since you’re here, it’s safe to say you want to win the lottery. So, I’m going to assume you want to win a certain prize, perhaps a million dollars?

What to do: You need to often think about winning a million dollars. You could even write it down to make it even more concrete. Make it specific, how many millions, which lottery, and which numbers. Don’t worry about being realistic, this is your chance to dream big.

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2. Envision it

Since we assumed in the first step that you are going to win a million dollars, what are you going to do about it afterwards?

This is when you envision the things you want to do with the money you are about to win.

Now here comes the material things you want, is it a car? A house? A yacht? A private jet?

What to do: You have to envision all of these clearly in your mind. You have to imagine yourself watching the television comfortably in your dream house. What kind of car do you have in mind exactly? Do you want a red Lamborghini or a black mini cooper? Go crazy.

3. Believe that you can have it


“You have to have faith.
Believe in yourself that you can have it because eventually you will.”

If you don’t believe that you can have it then it will not be yours. Remember, the Law of Attraction works based on your thoughts and emotions. If you yourself could not believe of this possibility then the Law of Attraction might not work for you.

What to do: Simple, believe.

How to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction with Cynthia Stafford

If you still think that mind power does not work then you might need to look up Cynthia Stanford. She won the $112 million on the lottery in 2007 through visualizing her winnings.

These are a few of what she did in order to materialize the dream:
Before she won, she drove around looking for her dream house.
She listed down the names of lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers she’d hire when she won.
Day and night, she kept repeating the exact amount of money she would win and which lottery she would win it in. I’m talking about the $112m jackpot from the Mega Millions.

See? You’ll never know, you might be the next millionaire!

So stop the daydreaming and start believing that you can have everything you ever dreamed of.Take a leap of faith, and win that jackpot. But don’t forget to boost your chances by playing with the best numbers, discovered mathematically, and proven by actual results. Sign up to Lottometrix and take that jackpot home today!