Is Playing the Lottery Worth It?

In 2014, Americans in 43 states spent a total of $70 billion on lotto games. 60% of Ontario adults participated in playing the game of chance in the past 12 months this year. Accordingly, 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt. Amidst the negative sides to the lottery, this post concludes that the lottery is worth playing after all.

is playing the lottery worth it?

Lottery is a game of chance.

It is a game that ends in two ways – you either win or lose.

Firstly, let’s see the pros and cons of playing the lottery.

The cons about to be mentioned are the most common reasons as why people do not play the lottery and disagree with the people that do.

Why you should not play the lottery

1. Time-consuming

We all know it won’t take one ticket to win the jackpot. You’d probably have to try for years or even decades just to be the millionaire that you wanted to be. Once you’re able to set aside a secure budget plan solely for playing the lottery, you’ll need to incorporate the game to your routine. This could mean stopping by a retailer once or twice a week.

2. Effort

You may have to ride a car just to purchase a ticket or would have to go a long way when you do. Playing the lottery effectively will also require your effort in understanding the probabilities, how it works, and how it could help you win the lottery.

3. Money

In order to gain something, you’ll have to give. It is a give and take process however you may end up just giving in this kind of set up. Like I said, it is a game of chance and you are placing a wager trying to win it.

If you’ve been playing the lottery for quite some time now, chances are you’ve come across someone who told you, “Stop wasting money and invest on something else!”

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Now, before I proceed with the pros, I would like to debunk these common notions mentioned above.

  • Time Consuming and Effort – You’ve got to work hard for something if you want it. Playing the lottery may require effort but this effort compared with what you can gain if you win the jackpot is so much more.
  • Firstly, once you’re aware of the patterns that have the best chances of getting drawn, this will lessen the years you’d have to play the lottery. In fact, you might very well be the next millionaire in the next few months after . There have been several accounts of people who became a millionaire with their persistence to win. You just have to have the right attitude.
  •  Second, the technology nowadays continues to advance. Thus, you have the choice to play in the comfort of your own home. You can have a go at an online lottery. Through playing lottery online, it will no longer take too much effort if you want to try your luck and be a millionaire.
  • Money– To others, the lottery may seem like a waste of money, but in fact it is not. It can be a form of investment. The player just needs to do his research or study on how to play the lottery better. If he or she does then playing the lottery could serve as his or her investment for the future.

Be careful not to put a dent on your finances just for playing the lottery, online or offline. Remember to maximize your winnings by playing with the best lottery patterns while minimizing your losses with a working budget plan.

Now that we’ve seen the cons, let’s proceed with the pros.

Why should you play the lottery?

As I mentioned earlier, the lottery is a game of chance, but life is all about taking chances. If you do not take that chance now, somebody else will and win it in your stead. Instead of you turning into a millionaire, your neighbor playing online lottery or offline lottery at this very moment is about to win that jackpot. So when you have that chance, take it!

Life is too short for you to contemplate whether you should buy that ticket or not.

It is your choice now whether you should play or not.

Would you like to continue living life inside your comfort zone?

Don’t deceive yourself any longer. As long as you have the means to play the lottery wisely and responsibly, you should play. After all, if you win, you’d be financially secure for the rest of your life. And who doesn’t want that?

So, yes. The lottery is indeed worth it.

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