LottoMetrix Overview: We’re Getting Even Better!

Aiming to boost the services that we offer, our team is excited in bringing you the enhanced features of Lottometrix.

It’s been quite a time since we started Lottometrix and looking back, it’s really been a rewarding ride. With the positive feedback from players who rely on us for their lottery combinations, there is no reason to stop improving to help our members get that million dollar goal.

Where We Began

Everything about Lottometrix started with a common question that lottery players around the world keep asking, “Is there an easy way of hitting those combinations?” And the next question could be, “Have you found the answer to your question?” When we started Lottometrix, all we have are never ending formulas, patterns, probabilities, and everything numerical in a sense. But when results came, it made us realize that we might have found not just the answer, but also, a better way of playing the lottery overall.

Where We Are Right Now

We are constantly monitoring the winning lottery combinations over the past few months and the results are impressive. In just 8 months since we launched our Number Generator in Lottometrix version 2, Lottometrix has produced more than 200+ confirmed EXACT WINNING JACKPOT MATCHES that could’ve made our members instant millionaires.

Also, we have generated 13,000+ lines of winning records for the lower division prizes, or those who missed just 1 number. With these increasing numbers, we expect more members hitting the lottery jackpot just by playing with the combinations generated by Lottometrix.

How We Made It Better

To further improve our services, Lottometrix added the “auto notification” feature to automatically alert our members whenever there are winning matches. This is a reminder for the members to check if they played with the numbers and bought official tickets for the draw.

We also introduced a new Section inside each member’s Lottometrix account that shows their winning matches for the past and current drawings. With this, we highly advise all members to regularly log-in to their accounts and monitor if they have exact matches to avoid missing any possible winnings.

Note that Lottometrix is a FREE website so members can access their accounts anytime.

Our Limitations

It is important for members to understand that Lottometrix does not sell or buy lotto tickets. It is the member’s responsibility to purchase tickets from the nearby lotto station or favorite online lotto services.

Please do not claim cash winnings from Lottometrix. We only recommend numbers and that’s it. As a rule of thumb in any game: you’ve got to be in it to win it.

How This Became Possible

Lottometrix has been able to provide FREE services because of the sponsorship by Overseas Subscribers Agents. OSA supports Lottometrix and the investment in getting winning solutions. For the record, Overseas Subscribers Agents has already generated thousands of lottery winners with combined prize payouts amounting to over $50 Million, including a lone jackpot winner from Switzerland who won £16.6 Million in the U.K. National Lottery.

Overseas Subscribers Agents is the pioneer in the business that has been entering global players into the grandest overseas Government lotteries since 1988.

Take Full Advantage of This

As we only recommend number combinations, our members can buy tickets anywhere they want to. But in terms of availability, security, and convenience, we highly recommend playing the lottery through Overseas Subscribers Agents.

Regardless of nationality and location, OSA gives a fair chance for players to enter big international lotteries right at their fingertips.

Also, OSA offers the most exciting lottery available in the world today which is the Billionaire Series. By playing in a group of 10 or 30 shares, players can play seven of the world’s biggest lotteries: EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Japan Jumbo, USA MegaMillions, USA Powerball, OZ Lotto and EuroJackpot with better chances of winning at a fraction of a cost.

Once you enter a lottery through Overseas Subscribers Agents, their professional agents will carefully monitor each draw for you to ensure that no winnings will be missed and all prizes due will be sent to the winner conveniently.

The Lottometrix’ Formula

Other websites are now trying to reach us to know our formulations that made Lottometrix successful in predicting the lottery. Though it sounds great, it’s a BIG misconception. Lottometrix does not predict the lottery and no one can ever do that.

Lottometrix uses a proprietary system to produce number combinations. This is the main reason why a fixed list of numbers and not a dynamic list are generated for the next draw. Using the same list over and over is better because if you are patiently using the same “good” list, something sure is going to happen down the road.

Recommending a dynamic list based on the previous draws has no basis because the lottery itself is a random game. There are two types of probability, one is dependent and the other is the independent probability. Each draw in the lottery is classified under independent probability theory.  In a layman’s term, the historical results of the lottery have no direct effect on the next draw. This is why you will notice some numbers appear in three or four consecutive draws and it’s not surprising at all. Our method is focused on the BEST combination patterns, not on individual numbers.

In the end, the lottery is still a random game. It is still “patience” and “persistence” for playing the lottery that matters. If you have any question, simply log-in to your Lottometrix account and go to the “Help Section”. You can also email Jerry and he’ll be delighted to address your concerns as soon as possible.