Where Do Lottery Winnings Go?

Most people play the lottery to indulge in luxuries they’ve never been able to experience before. There are also some who play for fun. After winning the lottery, we’ve compiled the top good and bad luxuries lottery winnings go toward – properties, investments, addiction, and more.

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Playing the lottery would give you the chance to live your life whichever way you want. Realistically speaking, it’s the only way you can jump to the top of the financial food chain and afford all of your heart’s desires.

As of now, countless of lottery winners have surfaced all over the news – online and offline. These people are now living the life you’ve always wanted. But how did these lottery winners spend their lottery winnings? What luxuries did they indulge in? Did they spend the money on things you would spend?

Top 7 Good and Bad Luxuries Lottery Winnings Fall To

1. House/Properties

This is the most common investment lottery winners bought among others. After all, worrying about how to pay this month’s rent isn’t exactly how we want to spend the evenings. Plus, we all want to come home to a place of our own and make it our sanctuary.

This is top purchase because it provides utmost security and comfort. Shelter, after all, is one of the most basic needs of a person. Moreover, changing address after a big lottery win is a highly recommended step, unless you’re protected by anonymity. You wouldn’t want people and the media swarming around your home, right?

2. Business Investments

Most lottery winners quit their jobs almost immediately after receiving their lottery winnings.

No one wants to work their whole life away anyway. And to manage their lottery winnings increasing instead of continuously decreasing, players invest on businesses. Some continue the business they already have and used their lottery winnings to help it grow. There are also some who had to start from scratch.

Be wary though. If you’re planning on starting a business by using your winnings as investment, it’s best to seek the professional advice of a financial advisor before doing so.

3. Traveling

Once a person discovers they have the ability to move from place to place, that’s exactly what they’ll do. You might have never yearned to travel, but for a while, when you can, you will. More importantly, traveling for lottery winners can be a big escape to the stress of the sudden popularity.

When you win a big lottery jackpot, people are going to want to know who you are. If you weren’t granted anonymity, it will be your personal responsibility to lay low and escape. Lottery winnings go toward spontaneous travels not because winners want to travel, but because they have to.

4. Luxury Cars

Now that money, security, and profit has been settled, winners can now indulge in a life of total luxury. And what’s a luxurious lifestyle without a luxurious car, right?

If you scour online for news of lottery winners and their first few big purchases, most of the articles will tell you about the properties and cars bought. The reason? People like to show off.

Of course, I can’t speak for all lottery winners. After all, some stayed humble and down-to-earth. However, majority indulge in luxuries they don’t really need, and that is one of the main reasons why lottery winners end up broke in a short period of time.

In order to avoid that mistake, stick to buying a number of cars you only truly need. Remember, the goal is to become financially stable for the rest of your life, not for a couple of years.

5. Charities

They say money can’t buy happiness, but the feeling you get when you give to the less fortunate comes close to genuine happiness. Moreover, the great feeling you get when you buy something physical is fleeting. When you give to others and manage to put a smile on their face, the feeling becomes more permanent. This is why lottery winners, despite indulging in luxuries and comfort, love sharing their windfall to others. It gives them an entitled sense of fulfillment and kindness.

6. Drugs

The thing about drugs is that you are never truly the one who look for it. No one ever laid out their life and thought, “at this point when I have money, I’ll do drugs”. It just doesn’t happen that way. Lottery winners are more vulnerable to drugs because it’s the drugs that come looking for them. When you start celebrating your big win and throwing parties, all kinds of people will flock to you. Some will be a good influence, while others bad.

Once you’re put in a situation wherein you’re pressured to use your winnings for drugs, it will be up to you to say no. Just keep in mind that drug addiction has been the number one cause of bankruptcy among lottery winners.

7. Gambling

Some lottery winners still gamble desperately despite already winning the lottery. Why? They think that by playing nonstop they could gain more money. This, in itself, is utter greediness. Of course, I’m not telling you to quit while you’re ahead, but gambling can bring more problems on the table if not controlled properly.

Playing the lottery even after winning is okay, especially since you’re not risking as much as you would in a casino. Just beware of putting it all in in order to gain more money, as this is not the best way to gain profit.

In the end, people who gambled away their winnings in casinos – offline and online – had to declare bankruptcy early.

If you want to live like a celebrity, no one’s stopping you from playing the lottery. When you do win, however, it’s important not to lose sight of your original goal. You want to win the lottery in order to have a more comfortable lifestyle. To do that, you need to avoid problematic situations wherein you’ll be tempted to fall into a pit of bad decisions. Drugs, alcohol, and crazed shopping sprees, in the end, will not be worth the stability of being financially free. Don’t ever trade financial freedom for fleeting pleasures.

Play wisely and play responsibly. Be wise and responsible with your winnings. Whenever you’re ready to win the jackpot, head over to the Members Area and see which patterns will help you win the lottery. Sign up to Lottometrix and take that jackpot home!