EuroMillions Probability Analysis – How To Win The Lottery, Only 1 Best Pattern and 110 Number Combinations To Avoid

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The unquestionably large EuroMillions is a globally popular lottery. With the participation of 13 influential countries in the establishment of the lottery, people all over the world have been big fans of the said lottery since its first draw on February 13, 2004.

The 13 particular countries in collaboration are Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

How To Play The EuroMillions Lottery

The EuroMillions is well-known for having two extra Lucky Stars. Like the USA American Powerball and the USA Mega Millions, players will need to form their combinations choosing from two pools of numbers. Unlike other lotteries though, the Euro Millions require players two pick two extra balls called Lucky Stars.

The process will start off with players choosing 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and proceeding to choose 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 11.

Understanding The Odds

The EuroMillions’ 5/50 game format totals to 2,118,760 combinations. However, winning the jackpot requires you to match the extra lucky stars, in which the 7-number combination then produces a total of 116,531,800 combinations.

The 2 extra Lucky Stars should not phase you. It might seem difficult to get all 7 numbers correct, but just keep in mind that people do often win and that the jackpots do reach extreme highs — hundreds of millions to be exact.

How To Win The EuroMillions

If you’re bothered by the EuroMillions odds of winning, don’t be. Although the odds of winning are 1 in 116 million, Lottometrix has found the most effective patterns for you to play in order to make winning possible and easier. These patterns, if used, will not only improve your odds of winning, but will also guarantee you to start making a profit from playing.

You can beat the odds of the EuroMillions by playing with patterns that give you the best probability of winning.

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To guarantee a win in the EuroMillions, you should choose to play with patterns that will give you the best advantage.

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EuroMillions Lottery Patterns

In the EuroMillions Lottery, there are a total of 196 patterns.

Out of the 196 patterns, we calculated a total combinations of 2,118,760 numbers. (this does not include the lucky stars)

Out of 196 patterns, our calculation shows the following:

  • One pattern that we highly recommend people to play at all times
  • 85 patterns that we recommend people to play moderately
  • 110 patterns that people should avoid all the times

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One Statistically Advantageous EuroMillions Pattern That Will Help You Win the Jackpot

Our thorough analysis of the EuroMillions show that out of the 196 calculated patterns, only 1 prove to be the most effective. This 1 pattern statistically appeared and appears more often than others. We professionally advice you to play with this pattern often. The data behind this pattern can be viewed instantly when you log into the Lottometrix Members Area for free.

Play Euro Millions using number combinations with the best probability of winning

Are You Aware of the 85 Moderately Recommended EuroMillions Jackpot?

Out of 196 patterns found in the EuroMillions, Lottometrix moderately recommends you to play with 85. These 85 patterns can be successfully used to your advantage if played with the right timing. Luckily, Lottometrix will indicate whether or not its time to play a pattern from this category to help you bag a jackpot. The list of moderately recommended patterns in the EuroMillions can be viewed when you log in to the Members Area.

Numbers that seldom appear in Euro Millions

Can You Tell Which EuroMillions Patterns Are Throwing Your Money Down the Drain?

Although there are 110 out of 196 worst patterns in the EuroMillions, make sure not to throw yourself out of the game just yet! You can easily avoid the mishap of playing to lose by avoiding these patterns. Start by viewing which of the patterns in are considered worst to be played with by logging into the Members Area.

Avoid these numbers when you play Euro Millions

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