What Are the Most Common Lottery Numbers?

Lots of lottery players tend to play using birthdates, number groups, hot numbers, and special numbers. However, most common lottery numbers might not be the best way to win the lottery. Sure, luck may play a big part in winning, but taking home the jackpot takes more than just plain luck.

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Millions of people play the lottery around the globe. Due to the staggering number of players, a combination is likely to be chosen more than once by several players.

Why? The reason is that players tend to think alike when choosing their numbers.

The Most Common Lottery Numbers

1 to 31

Combinations formed from numbers 1 to 31 are used by a staggering majority of lottery players. Why? Players often use birthdates and significant dates to play the lottery.

Your significant other might think it sweet that you’re using their birthdate to play the lottery, but take note that there are other numbers in the pool. One of the main reasons why this is a bad idea stems from the fact that you’re limiting your own chances of winning. Take note that the lottery draws its winning numbers randomly. High numbers get picked too.

Consecutive Numbers

Players think they’re being smart when they choose a combination formed by consecutive numbers. I mean, why not? Right? Never in history has there ever been a draw that drew six consecutive numbers. But it’s gotta happen some time, right? So why not be smart and start playing consecutive numbers now?

Big mistake though. Probability states that consecutive numbers are one of the least likeliest combinations to ever appear in a draw. Moreover, you might think you’re being unique by playing with consecutive numbers, but you’re not. Statistics show that 10,000 people play the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 in every draw.

Sure, it might get drawn, but you’re definitely not going to take the jackpot home alone.

Hot Numbers

In several studies performed by the Lottometrix team, statistics and probability show that hot numbers will never work even if you follow that trend for 5000 draws. You can believe in hot numbers all you want, but the fact of the matter is, the lottery will always draw combinations randomly.

Plus, from the name itself, hot numbers are hot and popular. Meaning, other players will tend to depend on combinations formed from hot numbers as well. Like with all common lottery numbers or combinations, you taking the jackpot home alone by using hot numbers is looking quite steep.

Number Multiples

Like any other common lottery numbers or lottery combinations, number multiples do not, at all, increase your chances of winning the lottery. You’re also not the only one thinking of playing in multiples of 2, 5, 10, or whatever. So don’t expect to win the jackpot alone if you decide to form your combinations using this method.

Lucky Numbers

How do you normally pick your lucky numbers? Most people would choose numbers like 7, 3, or 8. Sometimes, it’s an automatic reaction. You see Lucky Number 7 and you know you just have to include it in your combination.

Bad news though, lucky numbers don’t have anything to do with increasing your chances. Technically, it doesn’t decrease your chances of winning either. But wouldn’t you rather play with a combination you know is more likely to appear in a lottery draw? Lottometrix is here to guide you with that.

So, if you’ve been using the above numbers in order to win the lottery, then I suggest you start over with a fresh strategy. A strategy that involves pure mathematics.

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