Should You Play All Possible Lotto Combinations

As a constant reader of this blog, you may have read several articles already about how you could increase your chances of winning the lottery. One of them is playing all possible lotto combinations.

Guys, we managed to get all 200 million tickets. Now all we need is someone to fill the tickets up. Who wants to volunteer?

There are several ways you could increase your chances of winning and in every way there will always be pros and cons.

Playing all possible lotto combinations is one way to guarantee winning the lottery. If you and your syndicate are thinking of playing this way, you should consider the pros and cons before playing.

Pros & Cons of Playing All Possible Lotto Combinations

Here are the Pros:

1. Guaranteed Winnings

If you can guarantee you’ll gain profit from the jackpot prize even after you include the taxes, playing all lotto combinations is the only way to win. You’re still going home as a winner and that is if you win the jackpot prize alone. If you do win it alone, you gain profit.

2. Multiple Winnings

By playing all possible lotto combinations, you are not just increasing your chance of winning the jackpot. You can also guarantee multiple chances of winning, due to the smaller prize divisions.

3. Profitable Loop

Profitable loop is when you invest on something and gain profit from this. Upon gaining profit, you repeat the same process to gain even more profit. This is the usual way on how to manage a business.

This can be done in lottery too.  This has been proven when a group of MIT students, while doing their school research discovered that by buying $100,000 worth of Cash WinFall Tickets would guarantee their win. In fact, at least 15-20% success rate were collected if they bought $600,000 worth of tickets.

Upon the rose of the jackpot prize of about $2 million, the group bought in and divided the prize among themselves. However they did not stop there, eventually they were able to bring in investors. To this day, they remain to be one of the most successful and innovative syndicate that capitalized on Cash WinFall Lottery loopholes.

Here are the Cons:

1. Shared Winnings

People usually ask, why won’t billionaires buy all possible lotto combinations to guarantee a return on their investment?

The answer, for one, is nobody can guarantee that a jackpot will be won by only one person.

When the US Powerball hit the record jackpot of $1.5B for example, three winning ticket holders surfaced. If you bought all US Powerball tickets for that particular draw, you would end up having to invest $584m in order to win the $1.5B. Given that three winners surfaced, if you were one of them, you’d have to split the jackpot evenly and be left with $500m before taxes.

If the billionaires won’t do it then how about the syndicates?

In a syndicate, they play the lottery with a mission to share and win. If they play all the possible lotto combinations, they are bound to spend a lot of money on it. Of course, the money received by each syndicate member will depend on the percentage or share they bought in a particular draw. Chances are, syndicate members won’t easily be multi-millionaires using this method. However, the chances of financial freedom is more likely if the group wins a big jackpot.

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2. Uneconomical

Need I say more? Lottery tickets cost money. In order for you to play all the possible lotto combinations, you have to spend a large sum of money as your capital. To warn you, you will not be just spending a thousand dollars but probably a millions dollars as well. That is, if you’re playing on your own.

3. It is time-consuming.

Let’s say you do have the budget to buy the lotto tickets and play all the possible lotto combinations, you’d have to fill up these tickets one by one carefully without missing one combination and submit it before the draw begins.

Despite these cons, there are still people who actually won the lottery by playing all possible lotto combinations. It truly requires effort and a couple of risky moves, but there have been people who methodically beat the lottery’s odds.

Examples of Players Who Won by Playing All Possible Lotto Combinations

 1. Stefan Klincewicz and his 28-strong syndicate

Stefan Klincewicz was 45 years old then, a half Polish accountant. Together with his syndicate, they bought the winning ticket of 2.2 million pounds.

It was in 1990 when Klincewicz thought of this plan upon learning about the jackpot prize rising. He and his syndicate went all over Ireland to purchase lottery tickets. The Irish lottery chiefs learned of this and started shutting down the terminals a day before the draw however by that time, the syndicate had already bought at least 80% of 1.94 million ticket number combinations.

This has not been an easy task to do. It required them a week to reached this 80%. They had to cooperate with several people and choose the machines that would not get in the way of the other ticket buyers.

The Irish lottery chiefs began to suspect when lottery machines that normally sell at least a thousand dollars of tickets daily suddenly became $15000 dollars the next morning. Despite the odds, they still won the jackpot together with another player forcing them to divide their winnings.

Klincewicz later on set up his other set of syndicates.

2. Australian Syndicate

In Richmond, an Australian syndicate turned up with a pink ticket claiming the $27 million Virginia Lottery. State officials remained skeptic in validity of the tickets. The security of Virginia State Lottery, Dennis Shaw claimed that the ticket looked genuine upon observing it under a microscope.

Upon confirmation of the ticket’s genuineness, the lottery officials are now questioning how they were able to buy 5 million out of 7 million worth of tickets for the February 15 game. In response to this, the investment group’s representative provided the lottery officials with several documents that would confirm how they were able to buy the 5 million worth of tickets.

Lottery officials had promised not to let this happen again in the future.

There is always a risk in playing the lottery, be it big or small. Overall, playing all possible lotto combinations in order to win a jackpot is only worth it if you’re in a syndicate.

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