US Powerball Predictions According To Math

Lottery draws will always be random by nature. However, due to our application of mathematics in the lottery, it’s proven that the Powerball lottery can be predicted to an extent.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

NOTE: This article requires that you have clear understanding of How To Win The Lottery According To Math first. The said article explains the 2 math formulas that will help you win the lottery. Please read the article first before you proceed to reading the next paragraph.

General Conclusion:

Use patterns 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 to play the U.S. Powerball. Actual patterns can be viewed when you log inside the members area. If you are not yet a member of Lottometrix, you can sign up here. It’s free to sign up.


The analysis shown here will cover the trend of 5000 future Powerball draws. This, in itself, is a bold forecast considering no other lottery-centralized website has ever attempted to do the same. Accordingly, we’ve proceed to doing this because we believe in the power of mathematics.

Remember, we do not recommend players to use hot lotto numbers. Instead, we recommend players to play using lottery patterns with higher likelihood of getting drawn. Naturally, when your combination has a higher likelihood of getting drawn, you have a higher likelihood of winning.

Just by looking at the tables provided below, you can already tell you’d be saving a lot of money. After looking at the data provided here, I doubt  you’d go back to playing blindly. After all, why would you rely on chance when the numbers tell you otherwise?

Would you be willing to spend your money on combinations that never get drawn?

Specifically, would you spend your money on Powerball patterns #456 to #462 even though they’ll never appear in 5000 draws? Of course not.

From the table below, we’ve divided the patterns into three. The Best, Fair, and Bad patterns. It’s up to you if you want to waste your money on bad patterns.

In truth, we can’t really tell you what to do. Whether or not you’d waste money playing the lottery blindly is not up to us to decide. Instead, it is up to us to remind you why you’re wasting money and how you can stop.

The only real dilemma here is whether you’ll learn from us or not. Also, the actual patterns will only be available for members to view. So the first step you should really take is to sign up for free to become a member of Lottometrix.

Moving on, you don’t want to waste your money on patterns that will never ever appear.  In our Powerball predictions, we show clearly what patterns are occurring more frequently and less frequently.

Before we show you our predictions, let us explain to you the types of tables below.

American Powerball Predictions And Mathematics

The section below, presented under the American Powerball Predictions, represents the Powerball patterns and their expected occurrences when the new Powerball format reaches 5000 draws.

There are three tables found under this section. Namely, the Highly Recommended Patterns, the Fair Patterns, and the Bad Patterns.

From each of its respective names, the tables mean exactly as their titles suggest:

Highly Recommended Patterns: These patterns have the highest probability of getting drawn. Accordingly, playing with these patterns will present you with the highest possibility of winning the lottery.

Fair Patterns: These patterns have a fair chance of getting drawn. Simply put, these patterns do okay in terms of lottery draw appearances.

Bad Patterns: These are the patterns you’d want to avoid like the plague. They have the least probability of getting drawn. In fact, some of these might never appear once in 1000 draws.

From looking at the tables below, it’s obvious which patterns stand out from the rest. At the very least, you can already tell which patterns are considered as the losing patterns. As mentioned above, in Lottometrix, we tag them as bad patterns.

Why are they bad patterns? Well, their expected frequency just doesn’t amount to the ones above it, or the so-called best patterns. Their differences in appearance can make or break your game. Again, it’s up to you whether you should place your money on losing patterns or winning ones.

This section only represents how we expect the US Powerball to behave in the next 5000 draws. In order to dig this data up, we used probability analyses on each of the possible US Powerball patterns. This is all theoretical. However, as per the Law of Large Numbers, it’s clear that probability analyses are reliable tools when it comes to predicting a game of chance such as the American Powerball. Especially when the number of draws gets larger.

Without further ado, below are the Powerball predictions using probability analysis:

Predictions of American Powerball When It Reaches 5000 Draws

  • Highly Recommended Patterns
  • Fair Patterns
  • Bad Patterns

Predictions Of American Powerball When It Reaches 5000 Draws

Highly Recommended Patterns

Pattern No.10.008897974344
Pattern No.20.008897974344
Pattern No.30.008897974344
Pattern No.40.008897974344
Pattern No.50.008897974344
Pattern No.60.008897974344

Fair Patterns

Pattern No.70.008008176940
Pattern No.80.008008176940
Pattern No.90.008008176940
Pattern No.100.008008176940
Pattern No.110.008008176940
Pattern No.120.008008176940
Pattern No.130.008008176940
Pattern No.140.008008176940
Pattern No.150.008008176940
Pattern No.160.008008176940
Pattern No.170.008008176940
Pattern No.180.008008176940
Pattern No.190.008008176940
Pattern No.200.008008176940
Pattern No.210.008008176940
Pattern No.220.004004088420
Pattern No.230.004004088420
Pattern No.240.004004088420
Pattern No.250.004004088420
Pattern No.260.004004088420
Pattern No.270.004004088420
Pattern No.280.004004088420
Pattern No.290.004004088420
Pattern No.300.004004088420
Pattern No.310.004004088420
Pattern No.320.004004088420
Pattern No.330.004004088420
Pattern No.340.004004088420
Pattern No.350.004004088420
Pattern No.360.004004088420
Pattern No.370.004004088420
Pattern No.380.004004088420
Pattern No.390.004004088420
Pattern No.400.004004088420
Pattern No.410.004004088420
Pattern No.420.004004088420
Pattern No.430.004004088420
Pattern No.440.004004088420
Pattern No.450.004004088420
Pattern No.460.004004088420
Pattern No.470.004004088420
Pattern No.480.004004088420
Pattern No.490.004004088420
Pattern No.500.004004088420
Pattern No.510.004004088420
Pattern No.520.004004088420
Pattern No.530.004004088420
Pattern No.540.004004088420
Pattern No.550.004004088420
Pattern No.560.004004088420
Pattern No.570.004004088420
Pattern No.580.004004088420
Pattern No.590.004004088420
Pattern No.600.004004088420
Pattern No.610.004004088420
Pattern No.620.004004088420
Pattern No.630.004004088420
Pattern No.640.004004088420
Pattern No.650.004004088420
Pattern No.660.004004088420
Pattern No.670.004004088420
Pattern No.680.004004088420
Pattern No.690.004004088420
Pattern No.700.004004088420
Pattern No.710.004004088420
Pattern No.720.004004088420
Pattern No.730.004004088420
Pattern No.740.004004088420
Pattern No.750.004004088420
Pattern No.760.004004088420
Pattern No.770.004004088420
Pattern No.780.004004088420
Pattern No.790.004004088420
Pattern No.800.004004088420
Pattern No.810.004004088420
Pattern No.820.003603679618
Pattern No.830.003603679618
Pattern No.840.003603679618
Pattern No.850.003603679618
Pattern No.860.003603679618
Pattern No.870.003603679618
Pattern No.880.003603679618
Pattern No.890.003603679618
Pattern No.900.003603679618
Pattern No.910.003603679618
Pattern No.920.003603679618
Pattern No.930.003603679618
Pattern No.940.003603679618
Pattern No.950.003603679618
Pattern No.960.003603679618
Pattern No.970.003603679618
Pattern No.980.003603679618
Pattern No.990.003603679618
Pattern No.1000.003603679618
Pattern No.1010.003603679618
Pattern No.1020.003603679618
Pattern No.1030.003603679618
Pattern No.1040.003603679618
Pattern No.1050.003603679618
Pattern No.1060.003603679618
Pattern No.1070.003603679618
Pattern No.1080.003603679618
Pattern No.1090.003603679618
Pattern No.1100.003603679618
Pattern No.1110.003603679618
Pattern No.1120.003603679618
Pattern No.1130.003603679618
Pattern No.1140.003603679618
Pattern No.1150.003603679618
Pattern No.1160.003603679618
Pattern No.1170.003603679618
Pattern No.1180.003603679618
Pattern No.1190.003603679618
Pattern No.1200.003603679618
Pattern No.1210.003603679618
Pattern No.1220.003603679618
Pattern No.1230.003603679618
Pattern No.1240.003603679618
Pattern No.1250.003603679618
Pattern No.1260.003603679618
Pattern No.1270.003603679618
Pattern No.1280.003603679618
Pattern No.1290.003603679618
Pattern No.1300.003603679618
Pattern No.1310.003603679618
Pattern No.1320.003603679618
Pattern No.1330.003603679618
Pattern No.1340.003603679618
Pattern No.1350.003603679618
Pattern No.1360.003603679618
Pattern No.1370.003603679618
Pattern No.1380.003603679618
Pattern No.1390.003603679618
Pattern No.1400.003603679618
Pattern No.1410.003603679618
Pattern No.1420.003203270816
Pattern No.1430.003203270816
Pattern No.1440.003203270816
Pattern No.1450.003203270816
Pattern No.1460.003203270816
Pattern No.1470.003203270816
Pattern No.1480.003203270816
Pattern No.1490.003203270816
Pattern No.1500.003203270816
Pattern No.1510.003203270816
Pattern No.1520.003203270816
Pattern No.1530.003203270816
Pattern No.1540.003203270816
Pattern No.1550.003203270816
Pattern No.1560.003203270816
Pattern No.1570.003203270816
Pattern No.1580.003203270816
Pattern No.1590.003203270816
Pattern No.1600.003203270816
Pattern No.1610.003203270816

Bad Patterns

Pattern No.1620.00180183989
Pattern No.1630.00180183989
Pattern No.1640.00180183989
Pattern No.1650.00180183989
Pattern No.1660.00180183989
Pattern No.1670.00180183989
Pattern No.1680.00180183989
Pattern No.1690.00180183989
Pattern No.1700.00180183989
Pattern No.1710.00180183989
Pattern No.1720.00180183989
Pattern No.1730.00180183989
Pattern No.1740.00180183989
Pattern No.1750.00180183989
Pattern No.1760.00180183989
Pattern No.1770.00180183989
Pattern No.1780.00180183989
Pattern No.1790.00180183989
Pattern No.1800.00180183989
Pattern No.1810.00180183989
Pattern No.1820.00180183989
Pattern No.1830.00180183989
Pattern No.1840.00180183989
Pattern No.1850.00180183989
Pattern No.1860.00180183989
Pattern No.1870.00180183989
Pattern No.1880.00180183989
Pattern No.1890.00180183989
Pattern No.1900.00180183989
Pattern No.1910.00180183989
Pattern No.1920.00180183989
Pattern No.1930.00180183989
Pattern No.1940.00180183989
Pattern No.1950.00180183989
Pattern No.1960.00180183989
Pattern No.1970.00180183989
Pattern No.1980.00180183989
Pattern No.1990.00180183989
Pattern No.2000.00180183989
Pattern No.2010.00180183989
Pattern No.2020.00180183989
Pattern No.2030.00180183989
Pattern No.2040.00180183989
Pattern No.2050.00180183989
Pattern No.2060.00180183989
Pattern No.2070.00180183989
Pattern No.2080.00180183989
Pattern No.2090.00180183989
Pattern No.2100.00180183989
Pattern No.2110.00180183989
Pattern No.2120.00180183989
Pattern No.2130.00180183989
Pattern No.2140.00180183989
Pattern No.2150.00180183989
Pattern No.2160.00180183989
Pattern No.2170.00180183989
Pattern No.2180.00180183989
Pattern No.2190.00180183989
Pattern No.2200.00180183989
Pattern No.2210.00180183989
Pattern No.2220.00162165588
Pattern No.2230.00162165588
Pattern No.2240.00162165588
Pattern No.2250.00162165588
Pattern No.2260.00162165588
Pattern No.2270.00162165588
Pattern No.2280.00162165588
Pattern No.2290.00162165588
Pattern No.2300.00162165588
Pattern No.2310.00162165588
Pattern No.2320.00162165588
Pattern No.2330.00162165588
Pattern No.2340.00162165588
Pattern No.2350.00162165588
Pattern No.2360.00162165588
Pattern No.2370.00144147187
Pattern No.2380.00144147187
Pattern No.2390.00144147187
Pattern No.2400.00144147187
Pattern No.2410.00144147187
Pattern No.2420.00144147187
Pattern No.2430.00144147187
Pattern No.2440.00144147187
Pattern No.2450.00144147187
Pattern No.2460.00144147187
Pattern No.2470.00144147187
Pattern No.2480.00144147187
Pattern No.2490.00144147187
Pattern No.2500.00144147187
Pattern No.2510.00144147187
Pattern No.2520.00144147187
Pattern No.2530.00144147187
Pattern No.2540.00144147187
Pattern No.2550.00144147187
Pattern No.2560.00144147187
Pattern No.2570.00144147187
Pattern No.2580.00144147187
Pattern No.2590.00144147187
Pattern No.2600.00144147187
Pattern No.2610.00144147187
Pattern No.2620.00144147187
Pattern No.2630.00144147187
Pattern No.2640.00144147187
Pattern No.2650.00144147187
Pattern No.2660.00144147187
Pattern No.2670.00106775695
Pattern No.2680.00106775695
Pattern No.2690.00106775695
Pattern No.2700.00106775695
Pattern No.2710.00106775695
Pattern No.2720.00106775695
Pattern No.2730.00106775695
Pattern No.2740.00106775695
Pattern No.2750.00106775695
Pattern No.2760.00106775695
Pattern No.2770.00106775695
Pattern No.2780.00106775695
Pattern No.2790.00106775695
Pattern No.2800.00106775695
Pattern No.2810.00106775695
Pattern No.2820.00106775695
Pattern No.2830.00106775695
Pattern No.2840.00106775695
Pattern No.2850.00106775695
Pattern No.2860.00106775695
Pattern No.2870.00106775695
Pattern No.2880.00106775695
Pattern No.2890.00106775695
Pattern No.2900.00106775695
Pattern No.2910.00106775695
Pattern No.2920.00106775695
Pattern No.2930.00106775695
Pattern No.2940.00106775695
Pattern No.2950.00106775695
Pattern No.2960.00106775695
Pattern No.2970.00106775695
Pattern No.2980.00106775695
Pattern No.2990.00106775695
Pattern No.3000.00106775695
Pattern No.3010.00106775695
Pattern No.3020.00106775695
Pattern No.3030.00106775695
Pattern No.3040.00106775695
Pattern No.3050.00106775695
Pattern No.3060.00106775695
Pattern No.3070.00106775695
Pattern No.3080.00106775695
Pattern No.3090.00106775695
Pattern No.3100.00106775695
Pattern No.3110.00106775695
Pattern No.3120.00106775695
Pattern No.3130.00106775695
Pattern No.3140.00106775695
Pattern No.3150.00106775695
Pattern No.3160.00106775695
Pattern No.3170.00106775695
Pattern No.3180.00106775695
Pattern No.3190.00106775695
Pattern No.3200.00106775695
Pattern No.3210.00106775695
Pattern No.3220.00106775695
Pattern No.3230.00106775695
Pattern No.3240.00106775695
Pattern No.3250.00106775695
Pattern No.3260.00106775695
Pattern No.3270.00096098125
Pattern No.3280.00096098125
Pattern No.3290.00096098125
Pattern No.3300.00096098125
Pattern No.3310.00096098125
Pattern No.3320.00096098125
Pattern No.3330.00096098125
Pattern No.3340.00096098125
Pattern No.3350.00096098125
Pattern No.3360.00096098125
Pattern No.3370.00096098125
Pattern No.3380.00096098125
Pattern No.3390.00096098125
Pattern No.3400.00096098125
Pattern No.3410.00096098125
Pattern No.3420.00096098125
Pattern No.3430.00096098125
Pattern No.3440.00096098125
Pattern No.3450.00096098125
Pattern No.3460.00096098125
Pattern No.3470.00096098125
Pattern No.3480.00096098125
Pattern No.3490.00096098125
Pattern No.3500.00096098125
Pattern No.3510.00096098125
Pattern No.3520.00096098125
Pattern No.3530.00096098125
Pattern No.3540.00096098125
Pattern No.3550.00096098125
Pattern No.3560.00096098125
Pattern No.3570.00074742984
Pattern No.3580.00074742984
Pattern No.3590.00074742984
Pattern No.3600.00074742984
Pattern No.3610.00074742984
Pattern No.3620.00074742984
Pattern No.3630.00074742984
Pattern No.3640.00074742984
Pattern No.3650.00074742984
Pattern No.3660.00074742984
Pattern No.3670.00074742984
Pattern No.3680.00074742984
Pattern No.3690.00074742984
Pattern No.3700.00074742984
Pattern No.3710.00074742984
Pattern No.3720.00048049062
Pattern No.3730.00048049062
Pattern No.3740.00048049062
Pattern No.3750.00048049062
Pattern No.3760.00048049062
Pattern No.3770.00048049062
Pattern No.3780.00048049062
Pattern No.3790.00048049062
Pattern No.3800.00048049062
Pattern No.3810.00048049062
Pattern No.3820.00048049062
Pattern No.3830.00048049062
Pattern No.3840.00048049062
Pattern No.3850.00048049062
Pattern No.3860.00048049062
Pattern No.3870.00048049062
Pattern No.3880.00048049062
Pattern No.3890.00048049062
Pattern No.3900.00048049062
Pattern No.3910.00048049062
Pattern No.3920.00048049062
Pattern No.3930.00048049062
Pattern No.3940.00048049062
Pattern No.3950.00048049062
Pattern No.3960.00048049062
Pattern No.3970.00048049062
Pattern No.3980.00048049062
Pattern No.3990.00048049062
Pattern No.4000.00048049062
Pattern No.4010.00048049062
Pattern No.4020.00038439252
Pattern No.4030.00038439252
Pattern No.4040.00038439252
Pattern No.4050.00038439252
Pattern No.4060.00038439252
Pattern No.4070.00038439252
Pattern No.4080.00033634342
Pattern No.4090.00033634342
Pattern No.4100.00033634342
Pattern No.4110.00033634342
Pattern No.4120.00033634342
Pattern No.4130.00033634342
Pattern No.4140.00018685751
Pattern No.4150.00018685751
Pattern No.4160.00018685751
Pattern No.4170.00018685751
Pattern No.4180.00018685751
Pattern No.4190.00018685751
Pattern No.4200.00018685751
Pattern No.4210.00018685751
Pattern No.4220.00018685751
Pattern No.4230.00018685751
Pattern No.4240.00018685751
Pattern No.4250.00018685751
Pattern No.4260.00018685751
Pattern No.4270.00018685751
Pattern No.4280.00018685751
Pattern No.4290.00018685751
Pattern No.4300.00018685751
Pattern No.4310.00018685751
Pattern No.4320.00018685751
Pattern No.4330.00018685751
Pattern No.4340.00018685751
Pattern No.4350.00018685751
Pattern No.4360.00018685751
Pattern No.4370.00018685751
Pattern No.4380.00018685751
Pattern No.4390.00018685751
Pattern No.4400.00018685751
Pattern No.4410.00018685751
Pattern No.4420.00018685751
Pattern No.4430.00018685751
Pattern No.4440.00016817171
Pattern No.4450.00016817171
Pattern No.4460.00016817171
Pattern No.4470.00016817171
Pattern No.4480.00016817171
Pattern No.4490.00016817171
Pattern No.4500.00011211451
Pattern No.4510.00011211451
Pattern No.4520.00011211451
Pattern No.4530.00011211451
Pattern No.4540.00011211451
Pattern No.4550.00011211451
Pattern No.4560.00002242290
Pattern No.4570.00002242290
Pattern No.4580.00002242290
Pattern No.4590.00002242290
Pattern No.4600.00002242290
Pattern No.4610.00002242290
Pattern No.4620.00001121140