The 10 Biggest Mistakes Lottery Players Make And The Necessary Steps To Win The Lottery

Now that you know how the math can help you bag a lottery jackpot, let’s go further and see what else is stopping you from winning. After you apply the mathematical knowledge that Lottometrix has provided, make sure to follow-through with the following advice included below.

Use math formula to win the lottery - steal these secret patterns mathematically proven to help you win

NOTE: This article requires that you have clear understanding of How To Win The Lottery According To Math first. The said article explains the 2 math formulas that will help you win the lottery. Please read the article first before you proceed with the next paragraph.

The main reason why you’re not winning the lottery is not mainly because you are unlucky.  Truth be told, there are several reasons why you’re not winning. One of them is because you’re not playing with the right strategy.  The following are some but the biggest of them:

  1. Not Counting The Odds and The Evens

Why it hurts your chances:  You would not know if your numbers belong to the lowest probabilities.  All lotteries behave in a definite trend.  When it comes to combinations of odd and even patterns, knowing which patterns appear more and which appear less will be helpful.  Many people just get their ticket then mark numbers randomly while not being fully aware that the number of odd and even numbers in a combination counts.

How to fix it:  Log into the Lottometrix members area and choose the best pattern, then pick your numbers based on that pattern but make sure to pick a balanced mix of odd and even numbers

In our study, you should avoid combinations that contain either all even or all odds.  The tables below will show you why.

Lottery: Australian Lottery

Game format: 6 / 45 game format

How to Win the Lottery: An Odd/Even Pattern Guide for the Australian Lotto

As you can see from the table above, the 3 odd and 3 even patterns have the highest probabilities.  In layman’s term, this pattern is more likely to get drawn than others. Specifically, in every 100 draws, the pattern will appear 33 times. On the contrary, the worst pattern would appear as less as 1 time(s) in 100 draws. In particular, I’m talking about the all odd number combination. The worst patterns are the ones which houses combinations containing all even numbers because it hardly appeared once in every 100 draws.

We have tested and compared the probability analysis with the actual lottery results and you will be surprised by how close the estimated value matches with the actual occurrence of a pattern.  This goes to show that probability analysis is an effective tool in predicting the behavior of a lottery with utmost accuracy.

How to Win the Lottery: The Odd/Even Patterns' Empirical Proof for the Australian Lotto

From the actual 2,158 draws of the Australian Lottery from June 2, 1990 to May 28, 2016, you will see the estimated appearances of the patterns closely matching with that of the actual occurrences.

The 3 odds & 3 evens pattern is estimated to appear 722 times because 33% of 2158 is 722.597466.  In the actual Australian draws it appeared 706 times.  Extremely close, especially for a total number of draws which exceed 500.  As we have discussed earlier in the Law of Large Numbers, estimated value need not be the same with the actual value, only approximately the same.

Next row, the 4 odds & 2 evens are estimated to appear 541 times because 25% of 2158 is 541.948099.  The actual Australian Lotto results show that actual appearances matches extremely close with our estimation at 545. That’s 4 appearances short of our estimation. Amazing, right?

On the third row, the 2 odds and 4 evens are estimated to appear 490 times in 2158 draws.  This is because 22.7% of 2158 is 490.333995.  In the actual Australian lottery draws, this pattern occurs 499 times.

If we follow-through on the rest of the patterns and compare the estimated occurrence against the actual draws, you will see that each of the values will always match closely.

This is the Law of Large Numbers in action.

The computations of Odd and Even Patterns for other lotteries such as the Powerball, Mega Millions, or Euro Millions are found inside the Lottometrix Members Area.

  1. Not Minding The Mixtures Of Low And High Numbers

Why it hurts your chances: As we have mentioned earlier, the lottery behaves in a certain trend.  If you trace all the patterns that appear in all lotteries, you will see that some patterns appear repetitively, while some patterns seem like they were literally forbidden to appear by a greater power.  In a sufficiently large sample of data, you will see that the difference between the best patterns and the worst patterns are so huge that you will regret not being aware of it in the first place.  In lotteries, the patterns that deal with low and high numbers really do count.

How to fix it: Inside the Lottometrix Members Area, you will find that lottery patterns are divided between 3 groups: the “Best”, the “Fair” and the “Worst” patterns.  In order to play the lottery so that you get the best combinations of low and high numbers, our team recommends that you select the “best” patterns and some patterns from the “fair” group and pick your numbers based on those patterns you selected.

  1. Playing The Lottery With One Game

Why it hurts your chances:  Simply put, you are not improving your probability.  The idea is simple, the more you play, the more chances of winning.  For example, when you play 10 games, you are improving your probability of winning by 10x.

How to fix it:  Play multiple lines or play with a syndicate.

If you play multiple games on your own the expenses will be too expensive to shoulder. This is why forming or joining a syndicate is highly recommended.

You can choose to play by syndicate.

A syndicate formed by British professors and tutors systematically bet on the lottery by using mathematical probabilities to scoop the jackpot and played multiple lines in ever draw. They won £5,299,849.

These professors know that the way to beat the odds is to increase the number of games they play.

However, the problems with syndicates are…. aside from sharing… is the difficulty in finding a group that is willing to play.  It’s either you form a group or find a group.  Either of the two is not an easy task.

But lo and behold, Lottometrix has a better solution for you.

Inside the Members Area, we have something better than joining your traditional syndicate.

  1. Using Special Dates In Your Life

Why it hurts your chances:  Because you are not choosing your number using the patterns that the lottery favors the most.

How to fix it: The best way to do this is to log inside the Lottometrix Members Area and select your patterns and pick your numbers from those patterns.  That will give you the best chances of winning the lottery.

Just abandon the calendar date strategy and the reasons I will explain mathematically in a different article.  For now, I recommend to never rely on birth dates, anniversaries, or any memorable dates in your life.

  1. Being Artistic In Combining Numbers

Why it hurts your chances: Because lottery is still a random game even though the lottery can be predicted to an extent.  Our mathematical calculations allow us to determine the patterns that appear the most in any lottery.  However, it is not the same case when it comes to individual numbers.

So when you choose numbers, such as:

2,4,6,8,10,12 – all numbers in the multiples of 2

2,12,22,32,42 – all numbers ending in number 2

5,10,15,20,25,30 – all numbers in multiples of 5

1,2,3,4,5,6 – all numbers increment by 1

The numbers above are unlikely to appear in any lottery draw because lottery knows no beauty when it comes to drawing numbers.  It doesn’t appreciate arts.

How to fix it:  When you mark numbers on the card, do not select numbers in straight line or following any patterns such as diagonal directions, following patterns such as all numbers in the corners.

Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of consulting to the tables inside the Lottometrix members area.  When you log in, all the best patterns as well as patterns from the fair group will be available. All you need to do is pick your combinations using the patterns. You don’t need to look around and compute.  You just select the pattern you like and generate your numbers from that pattern.

  1. Picking The Hot Numbers

Why it hurts your chances:  Because it impedes your ability to generate numbers based on the best patterns.  A complete discussion of this study is in this article: Why Hot Lotto Numbers Never Work.

How to fix it: Just abandon hot numbers.  The mathematical approach which is better than hot lotto numbers is to use full coverage of the number fields available in the lottery.  This will require to play multiple games though.

For example, in a 5/48 game lottery, we first select the pattern on which we want to work on.  Then on the second line we choose the numbers that belong to the colors indicated above.  Then on the third row, we simply increment the number by 1 until we reach the 48 then we go back to 1 again.

The resulting list of numbers will look like the one below:

How to win the Lottery: This table shows the players' guide to choosing the correct numbers according to pattern selection

As you can notice, you will have to cover all the number fields in your combinations.  This will require you to play as many lines as you can afford in order to cover all the number fields.

This example of number generation is very basic.  The powerful approach which you need to apply in popular lotteries is inside the Lottometrix Members Area.

  1. Giving Up Too Easily

Why it hurts your chances: Nothing describes it better than the words of Vince Lombardi – “Winners never quit and quitters never win”.

Abraham was defeated for U.S. Senate in 1854, then defeated for nomination for vice president in 1856, and again defeated for U.S. Senate for the second time in 1858 but he continue to be active in politics until he elected president in 1860. Life is all about moving on.  From the words of Lincoln himself, “What matters most is not how many times you fail, but that you never stop trying.”

How to fix it:

Step 1. Play the lottery with the right mindset.  If you play the lottery like it’s a serious business you will understand that getting down to business seriously is not an easy task. You have to work hard to earn big profit.  You have to be a serious player but without breaking the bank.  Remember that frustration will follow you everywhere. But your determination should always overcome frustrations. This is what you need in order to fuel your playing.

Step 2.  Play the lottery with the right attitude.  If you play thinking you won’t win, how can you expect the universe the give you that winning luck.  You’ve got to start thinking differently and believe that you will win.  One day, you will see, it’s harvest time.

Step 3. Play with your heart. Remember, this is your dream. You’re about to materialize it. But where do you start? Simple, the Law of Attraction. Use it to manifest what it is you so desire. In this case, the jackpot. Visualize it, write it down, and live it like it has already happened and it will. Don’t forget, a $112m Mega Millions winner, Cynthia Stafford, used this technique to win the lottery. You can too, but with the right numbers.

It’s not easy to imagine and imagine specially when you haven’t touched your money physically.  So the easiest way to have a proper attitude of winning is to prepare.  For example, make a list of the places you will visit when you win the lottery.  Make a list of financial experts you will contact in case you win the lottery.  Read articles about business opportunities and put them in your idea list so they are ready when your moment comes.  Make a list of charity institutions where you will give donations.  Make a list of people you will help in case. And obviously, write down the amount of money you will win, and the specific lottery you will win it from. Make it come to life and welcome it. Welcome it and it will come through your doors.

When you do the above tasks, it will be easy for you to manifest that winning attitude like it was in your nature all along.

  1. Relying On Lucky Numbers

Why it hurts your chances:  Simply put, it’s groundless.  Morever, if you rely on lucky numbers and it continues to prove its effectiveness unsatisfactorily, you will lose your interest in playing the lottery over time.

How to fix it: Start embracing the strategies based on a scientific system.  At Lottometrix, we believe that probability analysis is the only scientific approach available for each and every lottery player.

We have shown you proof and mathematically proven that probability analysis is a great tool to almost accurately identify winning patterns.

If that will not convince you, I do not know what will.

  1. Waiting For Big Jackpots

Why it hurts your chances: Big jackpots attract players.  As a result, if ever you win the jackpot, it’s likely you will share your winnings with other jackpot winners.  There’s a huge chance that several players will pick the same set of numbers. Thus, your chances of sharing the prize becomes more likely.

How to fix it: Play regularly and never play according to the jackpot.  The more frequent you play, the more chances you get to hit the jackpot.  Think about it.  Which one will give you more probability of winning the lottery? Playing for one draw or playing for 100? I think you know the answer.

From above, we have recommended to play with multiple games.  If you have to play regularly, this will mean serious budgeting for you.  This is where being systematic comes into play.  Planning is very important.  Set a specific budget that you can afford to spend on a specific number of games. Then set a specific number of times you can play per week.

If you can afford to play 2x a week without breaking the bank then do it.  If you can afford to play only once a week, then once a week it is.  As long as there is regularity in your playing approach, you will be fine.  Never reduce the number of games you play in order to play 2x a week.  Remember, one of the key to winning is to play multiple games per draw.  If budget is a concern, it is ok to skip the week, save your money until you are ready to play that number of games.  The important thing is, you keep playing.

  1. Playing Blindly

Why it hurts your chances: Fishermen have a saying “Go where the fish are”.  If you are fishing blindly, how do you know where to cast your line? In lotteries, we already know as we have proven mathematically from above that some patterns appear more frequently, some patterns appear less frequently and there are some patterns that will never appear in 100,000 draws.  If you’re playing the lottery without knowing what patterns your selected numbers belong to, it’s like playing the lottery blindly.

How to fix it: Log inside Lottometrix Members Area and choose the best pattern and select your numbers based on that pattern.  It really is as simple as that.

The Lottery by nature is still random.  However, the lottery follows certain patterns that may give you the clue on how to play the lottery. This can save you lots of money aside from increasing your winning chances in the shortest possible time.

Once you’re ready to start playing the lottery to win, then you need to start arming yourself with the right strategies. Remember, play with the right numbers. Check out the list of the best, the recommended, and the worst lottery patterns by Signing Up to Lottometrix.

Now that you know how to win the lottery according to math, today marks a turning point in your life. Take that Jackpot home…sign up to Lottometrix today!