Lottometrix Version 2 Is Finally Here

We have spent the past four months working very hard on some major improvements to Lottometrix. Now, Lottometrix generates numbers for you and offers more exciting features which we will explain later.

Lottometrix Number Generator

We would like to thank everyone for your input and for engaging with Lottometrix project.

We are indeed very happy that the involvement of members is so high that push this new and improved version to see the light of day.

Amazingly, the appreciation for our works with version 1 is overwhelming.

You guys are awesome.

Of course, we always wish success for everyone. Your success is Lottometrix success.

Now that Lottometrix has been made more powerful, you don’t have any reason of losing hope.

After all Lottometrix is a free service. Go out and put Lottometrix to the test.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it.

What’s new with version 2?

Aside from the number generator, we also added some more features we thought are cool.

Perhaps, one of the things that you may like and one that will give you reason to always log inside the members area is the PLAY SIGNAL that Lottometrix now provides for your numbers.

This PLAY SIGNAL is a life saver…

For those of you who are already members for couple of months ago now, you already know that the biggest mistake that lottery players make is the wrong choice of numbers.

How did people fall into that mistake?

Well, majority of players generate numbers based on bad patterns.

Therefore, if numbers are based on bad pattern, whatever number you pick is always wrong. As simple as that.

However, even with the right patterns, players will have the tendency to select numbers that don’t conform to the random nature of the lottery.

Understanding the random nature of lottery is very crucial.

Our study shows that nonconformity with its randomness is equal to bad timing.

Bad timing is not only a waste of time…

…but also a waste of… you guess… money.

If you’re like all other folks picking numbers at random without analyzing your numbers, then it’s like someone holding a bat trying to hit the pot blindfolded.

Good thing though, Lottometrix is here to help.

You don’t need a calculator. Everything is computed already.

With Lottometrix version 2 we provide not only the patterns, but also the specific numbers to play.

And we not only provide the numbers, but also provide the PLAY SIGNAL so that when you play the lottery, you know it’s always proper timing and not wasting money.

We want you to win!

And as always, we make sure we sprinkle some good trick or two in between.

When you log inside the member’s area, you will find couple of things that will help you get inch closer to the jackpot.

Please enjoy the new and improved Lottometrix.

Here’s to beating the odds!

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