UK Lottery Probability Analysis – How To Win, Understanding Odds, Top Number Selection Tips and 431 Number Combinations To Avoid

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A self-franchised national lottery in the United Kingdom, the UK Lottery is world-famous for producing jackpots and payouts tax-free. The funding of prizes works and are distributed differently than other lottery prizes as a total 50% of the money spent on the games goes to the prize fund.

Players are required to be at least 16 years of age to play the UK Lottery. In fact, the youngest player to win the UK Lottery is a 16-year old girl.

Recently, the UK Lottery has been revamped to accommodate bigger jackpots. Subsequently, the Lotto Raffle has also been revamped and introduced as the all-new Millionaire Raffle.

How To Play The UK Lottery

The particular changes made to enhance the UK Lottery involved the expansion of the number pools from 49 to 59.

Unlike other big and popular lotteries, the UK Lottery only requires players to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 59. No extra balls, which welcomes seemingly better odds of winning.

Understanding The Odds Of UK Lotto

Although the UK Lottery do not produce jackpots as big as the American Powerball and Mega Millions, it makes up for that particular shortcoming by having better odds of winning. To be specific, the odds of winning the UK Lotto are 1 in 45,057,474 — certainly a better alternative to playing lotteries with astronomical odds if you’re not after a big jackpot.

Moreover, the UK Lottery has a prize division that allows players to win a bigger prize if they matched 5 balls and one bonus number, the prize is bigger than the prize of only matching 5 balls but less than the prize of matching all six balls.

How To Win The UK Lottery

Don’t underestimate UK Lotto just because it has better odds of winning than other big lotteries. You’ll quickly regret it if you do. However, as it uses the same process of randomly drawing numbers just as any lottery does, the UK Lottery can also be easily cracked and figured out using mathematics.

By playing those patterns that give you the best probability of winning, anyone can play the UK Lotto with better chances of winning.

As you can see, there are patterns that will give you an advantage and patterns that will put your money down the drain.  For example, if you base your number selection from using patterns in groups 30 to 59 you will not win the jackpot even if you play the UK Lottery for 1000 draws without skipping.

Definitely to win the UK Lottery, you should choose the pattern that will give you the best advantage of winning.

Below are screenshots from the exclusive area of Lottometrix. Remember you can see the full list of these patterns for free as a member Lottometrix.  It’s free to register to become member.

UK Lottery Patterns

In the UK Lottery, under 45,057,474 total number of combinations, there are a total of 462 patterns.

Out of the 462 patterns, our calculation shows the following:

  • There is only 1 pattern that we highly recommend people should play all the time
  • 30 patterns that we recommend people should play moderately
  • 431 worst patterns that people should avoid all the times

You can view the complete patterns, when you register as lottometrix member. It’s free to signup.

Want to Frequently Win the UK Lotto? Frequently Play With These Frequently Appearing Patterns

Due to the UK Lottery having less total number of combinations and a full set of 6 main numbers than other lotteries, the probabilities show that there is only 1 highly recommended pattern you should play with.

Play the UK lottery with the best probability of winning

A Good Number of Bad Patterns in the Irish Lottery – Play with Caution

The number of bad patterns inside the UK Lottery completely outnumbers the good. In fact, there are 30 bad patterns in the UK Lottery. Some you may play given the right timing, some you should make sure to play only once in a specific number of draws. The bad number patterns in the UK Lottery can be viewed when you log in to Lottometrix.

Numbers that seldom appear in the UK lottery

The Worst Patterns in the UK Lottery That Will Never Help You Become A Jackpot Winner

It seems incredibly impossible that there would be a substantial amount of extremely bad patterns in UK Lotto, but 431 of the worst patterns do exist. As you log in to view them, you will see the proof of its existence by looking at the actual draws, and the lack of appearance in a given number of draws.

Avoid these worst UK lotto numbers at all cost

Don’t Fret – Lottometrix Has Your Back, Mathematically

Do not be discouraged that there is only 1 good pattern to play with in UK Lotto. Having only one good pattern does not mean you have to share the combination or the jackpot won with anyone else either, as the total number of combinations available under one pattern vary in hundreds. Accordingly, some bad patterns are also recommended to play with as time passes by. The good thing is you will see whether or not the timing is right.

Once you’re logged into Lottometrix exclusive members’ area, you will see the best patterns to play in UK Lottery.

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