To Play Every Draw or To Skip Some Draws To Play More Lines

Which is more cost-effective? To play every draw or to play more lines occasionally? Our expertise says multiple lines increases your odds much more, but what exactly makes playing every draw less of an option? Find out here.

play more lines to win the lottery

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery is by playing more lines as you can afford.

In occasions where the Jackpot is so high, you may be tempted to play for every draw, but playing for each draw with just one line is no better than playing one line occasionally. However, by playing as many lines as you can afford for an occasional draw, you’re giving yourself more chances of winning one jackpot.

This is the reason I always suggest that when money is not sufficient enough to fund multiple lines, it’s better to skip the draw, save your money until you can afford to play 10 or more lines.

Because playing more lines per draw improves the odds in your favor.  Think about it, playing 10 lines have better chances of winning rather than one line. That is, of course, if each of those lines hold a combination different than the other.

As the saying goes, the more entries you play, the more chances of winning you have.  It’s as simple as that.

As the jackpot rolls over to the next big one, playing for every draw means you always have the chance of winning the jackpots between. Before the US Mega Millions hit the $656 million jackpot, it started at a low $15 million.

While playing every draw doesn’t actually lessen your chances of winning, it doesn’t at all improve your chances of winning big either. Of course, playing once a draw is better than not playing at all. But there’s a much better way you can make use of the money than playing in every single lottery draw.

Play More Lines – Increase your Odds

Playing for more lines can be expensive. However, if you consider the odds, your chances of winning depends on the number of lines and not on the number of draws.

Here’s how to help yourself visualize the odds. When you’re holding one ticket with one line, your odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 292 million. Another person holding one ticket with one line unique from your combination also has 1 in 292 million odds of winning the Powerball.

But if you’re holding one ticket with 3 lines of combinations unique from each other, your chances increase to 3 in 292 million. This is because you’re covering 3 of the 292 million US Powerball combinations.

Logically, if you want to increase your chances further, you’d buy more.

This is why people tend to buy many combinations in order to ascertain a winning advantage.

Cost-wise, it’s not practical to do so.

However, playing more lines proves to be a better option than playing every draw. The solution now is to stop playing every draw, and start saving up to splurge on one specific draw.

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As we always say, play responsibly and wisely.

Set aside a budget solely for playing the lottery. Use the money you usually spend to play draw after draw and put it aside. This way, you have the finances to play more lines in one draw.

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