The Role of Persistence in Winning the Lottery

If you’re a constant reader of this blog, you may have already read the article, How to Win the Lottery Using the Law of Attraction. This article may seem similar to this because like the constant need of visualizing your goals, you have to be persistent despite multiple trials and errors in winning the lottery.

Persistence helps you win the lottery

“Try and try until you succeed”

This is the mantra that you will need in order to win the lottery.

Go ahead and try repeating that to yourself. You will need to inscribe it into your very system and once you did, it will be easier for you to follow.

There are quite a lot of successful personalities who have gone through multiple failures before finally climbing to the succession ladder. One example is the author of the famous Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling, who encountered several rejections from different publishers before finally getting published by the Bloomsbury Publishing Company.

As Justin Bieber’s song goes, NEVER SAY NEVER!

At first, it may seem ridiculous to even attempt after several failures. You’d begin to think this is useless. It is going nowhere. What’s the use of even trying if I am just going to fail in the end? But you know what? You will never know unless you try.

  • Would you rather be wondering your whole life?
  • What if you actually took that chance?
  • What if by not trying, you lost a large sum of money you could’ve possibly won?

There will be several what ifs and more questions than answers. It may seem useless but persistence in winning the lottery is the key.

Yes, persistence.

It is not like if you try buying a ticket every single day, you’ll gain the skill to do better. It is not something that you do repeatedly and at a certain point will start giving you better results.

In truth, there is no actual assurance that you will win the lottery, but there is a huge assurance that someone else will. The fact of the matter is, if you keep playing the same way you have been all this time, you will never move forward. You will never find yourself on par with the people who played persistently with the best numbers and with multiple lines.

Now, it may seem impossible at the moment but you should be aware of the several moments persistence in winning the lottery played a big role.

1. Rob Winburn

Rob Winburn, a 41-year-old man from Iowa played the same numbers weekly for 20 years.

His ticket was among the nine winners who matched 5 numbers in the US Powerball, making him the recipient of $1,000,000. He bought the winning ticket in a gas station at Urbandale, Iowa.

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2. James Lunsford

James Lunsford, a 60-year-old man from Kentucky. It was on November when he decided to stop by the Lake Cucumberland Store. He bought two tickets and went home with no winnings. Yet he decided to try again the next Wednesday morning.

In an interview he said, “It was ticket number 13”.

He did not think he would win $500,000 by scratching off the ticket. He thought he could only get $100 and that’s it.

3. Lois Shulman

Lois Shulman, a 72-year-old woman won $5.52 million. For years, she’s been playing the lottery, ignoring both her husband and son as they discouraged her from playing. She was persistent to win the lottery. They kept reminding her that she was only wasting money but she knew that someday she will win and she did.

4. Jose Ferdinand Rojas II

Jose Ferdinand Rojas II, a 55-year-old man from Manila won a total of US$2,000,000. He plans to spend the jackpot on the education of his two children, giving the remainder of the winnings to charities.

For the past ten years, there were two instances wherein he almost won the jackpot prize. Needless to say, those two almosts fueled his persistence for another decade.

These are only four out of, maybe, a thousand or even more lottery winners who tried and tried ’til finally they won the jackpot.

As you have read, this does not come in a short span of time. It took the others decades of trying and failing. They received words of discouragement, at some point, either from their families or friends. However, that did not stop them from trying.

Because what is there to lose? Only the chance of turning into an instant millionaire.

However, you really must have persistence in winning the lottery for there are no shortcuts to this. You really have to take the long road even though the end can’t be seen anywhere.

Take that time and effort. Your chance of winning the lottery is at your disposal. Are you really going to stop or are you going to keep trying?

It may be true that some are fortunate enough to win it in a few tries. But we cannot disregard the possibility that in their whole lives, they may have tried it a few more times without giving it that much thought.

Tip: Just try to believe in yourself a little more and don’t let anyone stop you from trying.

You really just have to continue persisting. After a while, I can assure you that persistence in winning the lottery truly pays off. It may not be today or tomorrow but if you persist enough, someday the jackpot will be yours to take home.

It is your time now to take that leap of faith…consistently. Maybe the next set of numbers you play with will win the jackpot. You’ll never know unless you try, right? So don’t let that opportunity slip by and increase your chances of winning the lottery.

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