About Us

Owned and managed by Wealth Traders Limited, Lottometrix is a website involved in delivering a library of accurate lottery information, updated and reliable lottery data, and the mathematical and statistical measures for the most popular lotteries in the world.

The website first went live in 2016 and has since made its services available to lottery players around the world for free.

Inside the Members Area is a library of lottery analyses proven (by actual lottery results) to mathematically incorporate improved winning chances to lottery players. These analyses have layers and layers of patterns that mathematically appear more frequently than others.

The mathematical computations used on this website were taken from Renato Gianella’s study, the Geometry of Chance. This study encloses the computations necessary to dissect a given lottery’s total combinations and the probabilities behind each of them. However, the complexities of the formulas might make it difficult for players to conduct on their own, which is why Lottometrix has taken the initiative to serve the probability and statistical analyses in a way players, like you, would be able to understand and use them without the arduous task of computing for them on your own.

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